Total Plastics Solutions Custom Plastic Injection-Moulding from Concept to Creation

Total Plastics Solutions is a plastic injection-moulding specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry.

The company offers in-house design and engineering, state-of-the-art equipment and the strength of over three decades of experience.

Toolmaking services for the mining industry

Total Plastics Solutions’ design room offers precision toolmaking using the latest CAD, CAM software and programmes.

Your initial drawing or design is used to provide you with an accurate physical prototype of the product, assisting customers through the entire process.

Heavy-duty, stable traffic cones

Total Plastics Solutions offers a sturdy, all-vinyl traffic cone suitable for heavy traffic loads, which features:

  • A bright fluorescent cone that stands out come rain or shine
  • A one-piece moulded construction can be run over many times without failing
  • Plain or reflective collar that can be printed with a logo or advert
  • Size of 450mm

These are available in both standard and heavy-duty varieties, with the heavy-duty traffic cone being more solid and sturdy, with a weighted base. It is ideal for use in areas with high traffic an exceptionally strong winds where the standard cone may blow over.

Total Plastics Solutions supplies the world’s most stable traffic cone.

The Petal cone has a specially designed base that bends when the cone is tilted, preventing it from toppling, and if blown, helps it return to an upright position.

The Petal cone is available in 300mm or 450mm sizes.

Corner cube, post and mounted delineators

Total Plastics Solutions provides mining customers with corner cube delineators for roadway delineation or waterway markers. These are the most effective reflectors in the market for long-distance visibility.

The delineators are made from a tough, non-corrosive acrylic in red, white, amber, green and blue, for flexible use and easy identification. They are available in two diameters of 32mm or 83mm.

Star post covers / delineators highlight star posts in fenced-off areas.

The company’s post covers are made from a highly visible fluorescent orange polymer and have the option of an all-round Class-1 reflective collar. They are offered as 50mm in diameter and 300mm-long.

Side-mount delineators are useful for mining sites, as the double-sided reflector warns traffic of road hazards. The slips are entirely plastic and incorporate corner cube delineators. They are also offered in several colours and sizes to suit each customer’s needs.

Protective safety picket cap

Protective picket caps ensure a safe work area when moving around on-site.

They are designed to fit tightly onto the tops of star picket posts so do not need to be secured on.

Made from high-impact polypropylene in orange, yellow or white, and are UV-stabilised for outdoor use. The picket caps are 50mm-wide by 70mm-long.

Commercial food storage containers for mining sites

Total Plastics Solutions manufactures quality commercial food storage containers for industrial use.

These stackable, commercial food containers have a loose-fit lid and are available in 2.5l, 3.15l and 4.5l sizes. As each size has the same dimension for the base and lid, they are stackable (it is the height of the container that adds the volume). Replacement lids are sold separately.

The company’s food storage containers are used by top Sydney and Melbourne eateries and are ideal for use in:

  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Bistros
  • Brasseries
  • Delicatessens
  • Bakeries and patisseries
  • Sandwich bars
  • Roadhouses
  • Tuckshops, canteens and anywhere else where food is prepared in advance so needs to be stored

The company’s containers have also been used by mining laboratories to safely store sand and mineral samples.

Robust slab-on-ground bar chairs

Total Plastics Solutions offers standard 65 slab-on-ground bar chairs.

All chairs are Australian-made using a polymer that produces a consistently high-quality, strong and stable product.

The chairs’ spacers design offers dual height options and is also flat-based to minimise penetration.

Secure packaging is included in the price, which maximises your available transport and storage space. The bar chairs are available in sealed plastic bags of 100.

The company’s friendly logistics team will assist customers in arranging local, interstate domestic or international freight deliveries. Local collection is also offered.

About Total Plastics Solutions

Total Plastics Solutions is able to design your product, design and build the mould, manufacture the product and supply goods, as required.

The company also offers finishing operations such as component assembly, pad printing, in-mould printing and packaging according to client specifications.

It has the experience to make sure that the concept you have is made into a workable mould and will assist in taking your own ideas from concept through to creation.

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Press Release

Total Plastics Solutions Announces New Robot

Total Plastics Solutions is proud to announce the introduction of a brand new robot into its plastic injection moulding facility on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

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Yandina Releases Brochure for Discoverer Sub-Zero Core Trays

Yandina Plastics has released a product information brochure for its Discoverer sub-zero core tray. The sub-zero core trays and range of accessory products are designed and manufactured in Australia, to be safe, tough and durable.

Total Plastics Solutions

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Press Release

7 September 2015

Total Plastics Solutions is proud to announce the introduction of a brand new robot into its plastic injection moulding facility on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

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11 August 2015

Total Plastics Solutions are plastic injection moulders with over 30 years' experience in the plastics industry. We offer in-house design and engineering, state of the art equipment, and the strength of over three decades of experience.

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Total Plastics Solutions are plastic injection moulders with more than 30 years' experience in the plastics industry.

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Total Plastics Solutions has recently moved into bigger and better premises located in Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast.

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Yandina Plastics is a plastic injection molder with more than 30 years experience in the plastics industry.

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Yandina Plastics' managing director Tanju Kadir recently took an exciting trip to Peru and Brazil to attend trade shows, and to Vale for mine site visits, in an effort launch the Discoverer core tray product throughout Latin America.

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Total Plastics Solutions

Lot 2, 498 Maroochydore Road

Kunda Park




+61 7 5477 0059 +61 7 5445 2895

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