Bisalloy Steels Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate for Industrial Applications

Bisalloy Steels manufactures high-tensile and abrasion-resistant quenched and tempered steel plate under the brand name BISPLATE®.

The specialised processes undertaken by Bisalloy both strengthen and harden the specially alloyed steel plate, with two key steps in the process: quenching (or quench hardening) and tempering.

High-tensile abrasion-resistant steel plates for the mining industry

While harder steel is highly desirable in a range of applications, especially in mining situations where abrasion resistance in critical, the tempering process ensures a more ductile, resilient steel plate means the steel plate.

The toughness of Bisalloy’s range of high hardness grades means an even greater resistance to wear and abrasion. Quenched and tempered steel is particularly useful for machinery, plants and equipment where greater abrasion resistance combined with higher strength is necessary, such as for mining, quarrying and earthmoving.

Lightweight steel for structural applications

The benefits of BISPLATE quenched and tempered steel reach far beyond the construction site. Equipment such as dump truck bodies, storage bins, hoppers and chutes can now be manufactured with an overall lighter weight while still maintaining the same strength.

The lower hardness and more ductile variants of BISPLATE are ideally suited to structural applications, especially construction.

High-strength quenched and tempered steel plate, conforming to the Australian Standard AS3597, is now included in the recently revised Australian Standard for steel structures, AS4100 (2012 amendment).

Bisalloy’s range of structural grades for steel allows for the fabrication of columns, beams, trusses and tubular sections that can potentially save weight and offer other design possibilities.

Reduced design and construction costs

The increased strength of BISPLATE structural grades, where tensile strengths range from 590 megapascal (MPa) to 1,100MPa, means that engineers and architects can design and write specifications for structures. BISPLATE facilitates the construcition of taller towers, spans larger areas and specifies smaller columns, while minimising the amount of steel needed. Reductions in frame weight lead to savings on foundations, fabrication and construction costs.

It is the combination of quenching and tempering, combined with a specialised and highly refined alloying, that produces harder and tougher steel that remains as weldable and ductile as any ordinary carbon steel.

Mining industry standard structural steel plates

Being a specialist supplier enables Bisalloy Steels to not only respond quickly to customers’ demands to market changes worldwide, it also allows it to focus on keeping plant and equipment up and running for as long as possible, while minimising costs.

Working in collaboration with customers and key BISPLATE solution partners, Bisalloy Steels strives to take an innovative approach with BISPLATE quenched and tempered steel solutions to meet the ever challenging requirements of customers and end users.

Concepts such as ‘lean design’, compliance to key industry standards such as AS3597, technical knowledge and assistance with welding (including AS1554.4 and AS1554.5), and ongoing development around building and construction, as demonstrated by the update to AS4100 are supported by Bisalloy Steels to provide a unique level of design readiness for customers and users.

About Bisalloy Steels

Bisalloy Steels is an Australian manufacturer of high-tensile and abrasion-resistant quenched and tempered steel plate used for armour, structural and wear-resistant steel applications; products which are marketed under the brand name BISALLOY® and exported to a host of countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and South America.

From its base in Unanderra, south of Sydney in New South Wales, Bisalloy Steels manufactures these products through a highly efficient, continuous flow process, and since beginning operation in 1980, has earned an outstanding international reputation for the quality of its quenched and tempered performance steels, and technical backup.

As a specialist performance steel manufacturer and supplier, Bisalloy Steels is highly responsive to customer demands and market changes anywhere in the world, and is also strongly committed to, and clearly focused on, the crucial task of continuous product development and improvement.

Supplying manufacturers and end-users in a vast array of industries, including mining, construction, general fabrication, pressure vessel and defence, Bisalloy Steels distributes its products via a network of distributors across Australia, directly to end users, through its businesses in Indonesia, Thailand and the People’s Republic of China, and through agents in at least a dozen countries worldwide.

Bisalloy Steel Group comprises Bisalloy Steels in Australia, the majority-owned distribution businesses in Indonesia (PT Bima Bisalloy) and Thailand (Bisalloy Thailand) and, since July 2011, the investment in the Chinese cooperative joint venture Bisalloy Jigang (Shandong) Steel Plate.

The group is focused on leveraging off its significant intellectual property associated with the formulation of the raw material input (green feed) and the quenched and tempered steel plate production processes.

While the primary value of this intellectual property has to date been delivered through the production of BISALLOY quenched and tempered steel plate from Bisalloy Steels’ Unanderra production facility, the ability to replicate and build upon this is now proven through the joint venture in China.

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Press Release

Bisalloy Steels Builds Focus on Defence Applications

Bisalloy Steels Armour business manager Justin Suwart today announced the appointment of Darren Walsh to the position of sales manager - armour protection, Bisalloy Steels.

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As a specialist supplier of quenched and tempered steel plate, Bisalloy Steels is highly responsive and agile in partnering with our customers to meet their demands, specialised needs and market challenges in Australia and across the globe.

Bisalloy Steels

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Press Release

10 September 2017

Bisalloy Steels Armour business manager Justin Suwart today announced the appointment of Darren Walsh to the position of sales manager - armour protection, Bisalloy Steels.

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29 March 2017

Australia's Bisalloy Steel Group has announced a co-operation agreement with Swedish speciality steel manufacturer Swebor Stål Svenska AB for the sale and distribution of high-performance, armour steel products to the Middle Eastern civilian and defence armour markets.

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7 October 2016

Managing director and CEO, Bisalloy, Greg Albert, has announced that the company has appointed Shane Gleeson in the role of group general manager sales and marketing.

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Bisalloy Steels

18 Resolution Drive



New South Wales


+61 02 4272 0444 +61 02 4272 0400

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