Drum Packing Modular Plants

Drum Packing Modular Plant

The ACE Modular Yellowcake Drum Packing Plant incorporates the best technology using proven equipment and sound engineering principles to provide for superior packing of yellowcake. We can reduce risk to operator, plant and environment. The fully automated plant is factory assembled, tested and commissioned prior to shipping, providing significant savings in capital expenditure, on-site erection time and ongoing operating costs.


  • Automated filling and lidding
  • Automated weighing system with label printing
  • Automated product sampling system
  • Automated drum wash and dry
  • Automatic drum conveyors for full and empty drums
  • Enclosed tube chain conveyor for transporting Yellowcake
  • Complete electrical installation, MCC, PLC, Instrumentation
  • Fully bunded secondary containment
  • Dust extraction
  • Optional semi-automated filling of open top drums (manual fitting of lid locking ring)


  • Fully factory tested and commissioned prior to shipping
  • Proven uranium Industry components for reliability
  • Engineering shared to reduce costs
  • Minimal operator input reduces OH&S risk
  • Compact footprint, reduced off-gas and ventilation requirements
  • Simple to transport, easily relocatable

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