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Spectro Inc. Evolves Brand and Changes Company Name to Spectro Scientific

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The leading fluid analysis instrument company formerly known as Spectro Inc. today announced from its Global Partners Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, that it has officially changed its name and undergone a comprehensive corporate re-branding.

President and CEO Brian Mitchell said: "From today forward the company becomes Spectro Scientific to more accurately reflect our deep roots in the science of fluids analysis."

Spectro Scientific and its subsidiaries, including Wilks Enterprise of Norwalk, Connecticut, specialise in analytical instrumentation, software and services for industrial performance fluids analysis. It is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil, fuel and processed water analysis tools to industry and the military. Clients include petrochemical, mining, power generation and offshore oil drilling companies as well as commercial testing laboratories.

"Our products enable customers to make confident, knowledge based decisions whether that be in a laboratory or field environment," Mitchell said.

"With our instrumentation, users can make quicker, more informed decisions regarding asset utilisation, maintenance, risk management and regulatory compliance matters."

In recent years, the company’s product development focus has been on portable, easy-to-use, fluid performance analysis solutions that facilitate high productivity, repeatability and accuracy. One example is the multipurpose Q5800 portable measurement tool that combines abnormal wear metals analysis, particle counting, viscosity and IR spectroscopy in one compact, field-based system. The battery-powered device facilitates maintenance of high-value equipment, enabling complete lubricant assessment for condition monitoring and rapid results that permit immediate maintenance and reliability decisions.

"The Q5800 is just one example of innovation based on sound research, which is at the root of everything we do here at Spectro Scientific," Mitchell added.

"We truly are an organisation grounded in science. Now, our name, logo and brand promise signify who we are, what we do, and where we are going."

Visit the company website for more information.

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