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Emerson Automation Solutions

Mining Asset Management and Maintenance Solutions

Meridian East, Meridian Business Park,
LE19 1UX United Kingdom

Emerson is a global leader in engineering technologies and services and serves as a trusted partner to help our customers solve today’s most critical business challenges. Within the mining industry, this comprises process efficiency identification, operational equipment maintenance and ensuring the safety of staff.

Companies choose Emerson because we work with them to understand their specific challenges before helping to extract more availability, more efficiency, and more productivity from operations.

Maintenance of crucial mining assets availability

In today’s do-more-with-less environment, maintaining asset availability is difficult with reduced staff, smaller budgets, and an inability to detect faults early, pinpoint root causes, and plan maintenance on your terms.

Emerson’s easy-to-operate condition monitoring solution quickly detects impending faults to enable accurate repair decisions to be made before unplanned downtime occurs, thereby optimising maintenance labour costs and simplifying operator training.

Reliable asset data access

Reaching mine production goals often depends on the ability of maintenance staff to continuously monitor fixed and mobile assets, but manual checks are time-consuming and costly, and could put workers in hazardous situations. Emerson’s automated condition and asset monitoring solutions can provide accurate and reliable asset data from anywhere inside or outside the operation, keeping people safe from harm and goals still within reach.

Early crusher issue detection to avoid unplanned downtime

Given the severity of impact absorbed by primary, secondary and tertiary crushers, it’s not uncommon for small, undetected problems to rapidly accelerate to catastrophic failure, meaning extended periods of unplanned downtime.

With Emerson’s condition-based monitoring and machinery management systems, you can detect emerging problems with patented analysis technologies and correlate findings with other collected data to avoid major operational delays and maintain crusher availability.

Safe, cost-effective data collection and conveyor monitoring

As an arterial system in most mining operations, bulk conveyors must be properly monitored and maintained to avoid costly repairs and time-consuming, unsafe manual inspections, as well as unplanned downtime that could bring your entire process to a halt.

Emerson can help minimise downtime with condition-based monitoring systems and wireless transmitters to continuously monitor critical components and provide safe and cost-effective data collection for continued conveyor operation.

Optimised asset monitoring for efficient mill operation

Mining operations must keep essential milling assets operating at optimal performance, but varying particle size, feed rate and moisture content can result in plugging, high-vibration and machine bearing wear, and ultimately unscheduled stoppages and labour-intensive restarts.

Emerson can help you achieve higher mill availability with advanced asset management and monitoring solutions to detect issues early, as well as achieve a more consistent grind while reducing energy consumption.

Reliable measurement and control for optimising classification and flotation

Classification components such as hydrocyclones play an integral role in mineral separation applications. However, without effective cyclone control systems in place, operations may experience processing issues during flotation, in addition to premature wear and mineral losses.

Emerson can help you achieve more effective control with best-in-class measurement technologies, pressure transmitters and advanced control techniques to help better control pump speeds, water and air addition, as well as reagent dosing to optimise productivity from these circuits.

AMS Machine Works

AMS Machine Works combines predictive maintenance techniques with comprehensive analysis tools to provide easy and accurate assessment of the machinery health in the facility.

AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

Emerson’s AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is a versatile, scalable system that can be deployed in a variety of configurations to deliver online condition monitoring exactly as needed for the application.