DYWIDAG-Systems International Rock Reinforcement, Strata Support Systems and Services

DSI is the global market leader in the development, production and application of ground support solutions. We are a one-stop shop known as the umbrella of mine safety, always committed to your safety.

We satisfy the demands of our customers in 95 countries around the world with the most extensive product range available on the market. This includes a wide variety of high-quality rock reinforcement and strata support systems, such as THREADBAR, bar anchors, cable bolts, rock bolts, friction bolts, surface products, drill bits and anchor rods, various hangers, steel arches, shotcrete fibres, hydraulic tensioners, resin anchors and an extensive line of accessories.

DSI mining products and systems perfectly match today’s safety and quality requirements. Our extensive R&D activities guarantee innovative and long-lasting strata reinforcement solutions.

Polymer rock dust system

The DYWI® Polymer Rock Dust System is a new and innovative system developed by DSI in 2011 to reduce the risk of coal dust explosions in underground mining. It combines wet dusting technology and polymers to ensure the effective application of inert rock dust, along with reducing respirable dust.

The system can be applied at rock dust thicknesses of a range between 0.5mm and 40mm; typically dries within 24-48 hours, depending on the mine air and humidity. With its compact size and easily handling, it can operate while the production unit is in operation. Working at low pressure, the DYWI® Polymer Dust System improves applications and end-user safety.

Bolts for mining and tunneling

Thanks to our global presence, we are able to combine the knowledge of our experts in order to develop sophisticated solutions for the mining and tunneling industries. The following new and patented products are results of our latest R&D activities:

  • The EziTen cable bolt is an evolution of the DSI Hi-Ten cable bolt. By using a DSI strand locker, we combine a barrel and wedge supported 23.5mm cable with a threaded tensioning system.
  • The Manx 24 bolt eliminates the threaded bar protruding beyond the tensioned nut on rock bolts. This resin-anchored bolt features a tensioning assembly that contracts as it is rotated tightly.
  • The Hyperthane friction bolt 47mm is an improved point anchoring friction bolt. The fundamental principle of the system is to enhance point loading in the toe.
  • The HEA (high energy absorption) mesh provides improved surface containment with the addition of pre-laced wire strand where ground conditions are rock-burst prone and challenging.

Resins for mining bolts

The mining industry is much safer today as a result of the use of roof bolts anchored with resin cartridges pioneered by Fasloc, which became part of DSI in 2006 and is now operating as DSI Underground Systems. In addition to providing slow and fast setting resins in separate cartridges, DSI is also able to supply combined cartridges, reducing the amount of material to be transported and bolting cycle times.

The newly developed FASLOC® Extreme cartridge is the state-of-the-art solution for a safe and quick installation of rock bolts.

DSI – the system provider

DSI’s customers are served by our comprehensive product range. DSI also assists with customer stock management to ensure product availability and minimise inventory costs.

DSI’s business philosophy is based on the establishment and cultivation of a trustworthy long-termed business relationship with its clients. DSI’s engineers are in close cooperation with mines and mining engineers at all times in order to develop innovative and individually tailored solutions. We are committed to satisfying the demands of our customers in accordance with our slogan ‘Local Presence – Global Competence’.

Ground support

The DSI Group operates across EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia-Pacific), North and South America. With its comprehensive programme, DSI is oriented towards offering complete solutions, which combine a product line of approved quality with excellent service and prompt delivery.

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Press Release

DYWIDAG-Systems International Acquires Schaum-Chemie Mikołów

DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Schaum-Chemie Mikolów, Poland, and all related intellectual property and know-how for mining applications from the Schaum-Chemie Group.


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Press Release

28 February 2014

DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Schaum-Chemie Mikolów, Poland, and all related intellectual property and know-how for mining applications from the Schaum-Chemie Group.

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