3D System Simulation and Visualisation Software for the Mining Industry

32C Talbot Avenue, Como 6152 ,Western Australia, Australia

32C Talbot Avenue, Como 6152 ,Western Australia, Australia

Solosi specialises in 3D visualisation and simulation solutions for all organisation levels in mining projects. The company also supports sales, training and consulting in Asia and Australia for Simio, Minefed and Synchro software.

The virtual system accommodates and simulates a variety of operational changes, such as increases in capacity, decreases in inefficiencies and costs, and optimised operational effectiveness, with no risk to the business.

The tools offered are suitable for all phases of project development, including scoping, pre-feasibility, feasibility, detailed design, and construction.

3D animation and simulation software solutions for mining projects

Solosi believes that 3D animation offers stakeholders a comprehensive method of engagement and communication.

The company offers tools, which use animated visual 3D, such as 4D BIM, discrete-event simulation; agent based modelling, and continuous process modelling. This allows operators to easily develop short and long-term, decision-making solutions.

The 3D models can be based on pre-existing operations data, which can then be compared to actual progress, providing flexibility for a wide variety of revisions and test-scenarios over time.

Solosi’s process begins by evaluating the current state of a client’s operation in order to provide an optimal software solution. Following this, the firm provides training courses to match the client’s requirements.

Discrete event simulation models for mining organisations

Solosi builds customised discrete event simulation models and related training programmes to maximise investment in simulation tools, including Simio and Arena.

Simio also provides an object-based paradigm, which changes the way that objects are built and used, simplifying the modelling process.

The software provides a true object-based, 3D modelling environment, which lets users construct a 3D model in a single step from a top-down 2D view, and then immediately switch to a 3D view of the system. Users simply select objects from libraries and graphically place them into model.

In addition, Simio model-building products directly integrate with Google Warehouse to allow users to download from an extensive library of freely available 3D symbols.

Standard, onsite and virtual training programmes for simulation software

Silosi provides a variety of training courses for Simio software, such as a one-day introduction to the product.

The programme covers a brief overview of simulation technology and appropriate use, and the Simio modelling framework, as well as the Simio standard library.

For a more comprehensive training package Solosi also provides a three-day standard training session, and a two to three-day accelerated programme, which focuses on the Simio product itself.

In addition to standard courses, Silosi offers onsite and virtual training courses that can be taught at the client’s preferred time and location.

These classes offer the opportunity to focus the training material on the types of applications encountered by the client. Onsite training course can be adapted to include consultation for a number of specific modelling applications.

Virtual training is live-streamed using the internet. This course can be customised and the virtual training can also be extended to include ‘jump-start’ consulting for specific modelling applications.

About Silosi

Solosi is based in Perth, Australia with branches in Brisbane and Hong Kong. The company specialises in facilitating the delivery of cutting-edge solutions for the design, emulation, and scheduling of complex systems.

The company features a diverse team of analysts with experience in a variety of fields, including mining, heavy-haul rail, ports, transportation planning, health care, customer service centres and resource planning.

It is also an authorised representative of Simio, Synchro and MineFed Software. This provides the firm with intimate knowledge of its chosen simulation tools, resulting in a rounded and robust delivery of models to the company’s user base for a suitable and cost-effective solution.


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