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How Paperless Solutions Are Making Safety Inspections Easy and Effective for Mining Employees

The mining industry presents diverse challenges for workers and organisations, sometimes on a daily basis. A fast-changing environment means there is a constant requirement to monitor different assets, safety equipment and processes.

Workers and organisations are today suffering from outdated, inefficient inspection methods based on the highly-dated pen and paper checklist inspection system. Deficiencies can slip through the safety net, and sometimes go unchecked for too long; causing expensive repair or remedy costs.

Since the introduction of the PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) in the 1990s, there is, however, a growing new way to inspect things at the workplace. Paperless inspection systems are now allowing many different businesses and firms to completely transform their inspection process, putting efficiency and effectiveness at the top of priorities.

Digital Inspection Application Benefits:

Whilst the PDA ushered in a new era of handheld technology in the workplace in the late 1990s, the smartphones and tablets have taken up the mantel in the 21st century. The power of the modern mobile or tablet device vastly exceeds what was ever imagined possible in PDA times and brings many more features and ways of recording than the pen and paper method. The system is based around an application on the device that works just like any other commercial app but is also paired with a back-end database or web portal interface.

Users of the mobile device application can take advantage of the mobile device camera to take pictures of deficiencies such as that in any Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), recording breakages or excessive wear using the touchscreen annotation of the image and attach it to a checklist or the process. In just one image, the entire deficiency can be presented, allowing the repair or maintenance team to quickly determine the best action to take. The camera function can also be used to scan barcodes and RFID. Workers using the smartphone or tablet device can similarly make use of the standardised response checklist layouts for rapid information entry, and benefit from automatically suggested corrective actions – based on custom predetermined logics.

Reference material such as manuals, drawings, inductions, or specific compliance forms such as ISO 21984, ISO 14001, ISO 17096 or 53.020 can be added to any checklist alongside previous inspection reports or images. This allows field inspectors and technicians to quickly examine assets or methods in line with regulations, previous performance and safety.

Benefits for Mines and Management:

Whilst there are many different features of smartphone and tablet devices today that can give the application user more benefits, there is also advantages of digital for SAOC (Site Asset Operations Centre) operators, area managers, superintendents and management level. Using the back-end web-portal system, hosted either privately or via the cloud (SaaS), higher tier leadership can track performance long-term and analysis trends and other metrics. The portal can easily be accessed by anyone in the mine, on the surface, or on the other side of the world, digital provides 24/7 secure access to data.

All operator round logs keeping the necessary detail of mine conditions can be accurately recorded in the back-end system and displayed when necessary. Inspectors and technicians can make observations offline on the device and send reports back to the control room/back office as soon as they have internet connectivity (Wi-Fi, hotspot, cellular, Bluetooth etc.). This can similarly alert other inspectors and management of deficiencies or safety issues straight away. Information recorded about assets can be fed straight into the asset monitoring system which can provide a full cradle-to-grave tracking. Based on previous inspections or pre-determined rules, suggested corrective actions can be fed straight back to the inspector. The asset’s condition can be viewed overtime giving management the best assessment of its operating efficiency and whether it has provided a good ROI. The seamless integration of the mobile device and digital system is an even more attractive choice in knowledge that it can be incorporated with existing business intelligence (e.g. Power BI, Qlik, Cognos, Tableau, Domo) and ERP systems.

Why Paperless is the Best Choice for Modern Mining Organisations:

Mining Organisations today face high regulation conformity in safety and performance, as well as rapidly-changing technology. With new processes and methods needing safety inspection and modern science constantly creating new ways of carrying out operations, its important the best systems are in place. Not only a powerful and adaptable system but one that can be tailored to specific mine requirements, track deficiencies and monitor assets to a full effect.

One of the market-leading solutions available to businesses and firms today is Pervidi’s Paperless Inspection tool. Based on lengthy industry experience and several successful iterations, Pervidi’s tool epitomises the premium experience for paperless inspection solution. With many unique features, a completely customisable setup and dedicated optional support system, Pervidi provides the top digital inspection solution package. An extensive knowledge of many industries and a long history of working with many large and small organisations, means choosing Pervidi can truly transform your inspection processes for your mining organisation.

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