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Mining Safety Applications: Ensuring you Make the Right Choice for Your Organisation

Numerous firms and organisations in different industries are choosing to modernise the way that they approach safety. Through integrating their operational procedures and daily approaches with technology, they are reaping rewards such as increased efficiency, higher productivity and smarter methods. One big area in which this is being done is safety inspection; the workplace for any organisation involved in the mining industry can be a particularly hazardous one. For many, industry regulations such as ISO 14001, ISO 53.020, AS 4801, or ISO catalogue 73 represent key measuring tools that verify their activities. What’s important is that there is a system in place to manage all the data, compliance and non-conformance, so it doesn’t become a logistical nightmare.

Benefits of paperless safety inspection applications

Comprising of two parts; the mobile device application and the back-end database/web-portal, digital management systems are fast becoming the industry leading way of dealing with inspection management for safety, assets, equipment and operational procedures. Companies are using it within quality assurance, maintenance, audit and pre-start checks, but the most powerful benefits are found within safety inspection management. Not only does the business ecosystem create a powerful knowledge sharing platform where employees can see previous data and methods as well as fresh industry regulations, but it inherently represents a huge step for safety management efficiency. The speed that data can be recorded and detail to which issues can be identified with is an unparalleled advancement.

Digital safety inspection solutions are giving both employees and employers numerous benefits. Inspection officials can make use of regular mobile devices with an intuitive inspection application, running just like any other smartphone app. Features of the tablet or smartphone are integrated directly with functions like the camera providing pictures for checklist or being used as a barcode/RFID scanner. Another key benefit for mining employees is the offline reporting function, now a mainstay on premium inspection software. This allows safety inspectors to go any place necessary, whilst still being able to capture GPS timestamps through the device’s built-in GPS.

For management, the benefits come in form of the database and the web-portal; a one-stop shop to accessing all data for any compliance issue, asset, procedure or location. Inspection reports are categorised as per preference and hence allow quick access to any inspection or maintenance report when needed. This is a particular benefit for providing information to third parties, government or industry officials or to sub-departments. The audit trail becomes much simpler compared to pen and paper checklists and provides up-to-date life-cycle deficiency reports. The web-portal system is run either from in-house private servers or via cloud-based systems (SaaS). This also ensures the system can be accessed 24/7 from any location.

How to choose the best inspection solution for you

When choosing the inspection solution to fit your operation, it’s important to think through the process in which it will be used. Will it replace your entire business inspection process or just safety regulations? Will it be used by maintenance teams, asset managers or field personnel? Below are some examples of questions that can help to narrow down your selection process:

  • Who will use this software?
  • Where and how will they use it?
  • What platform and devices will the software run on?
  • What are your priorities for software functionality?
  • How will you measure the ROI?
  • What current inspection areas would you like to improve?
  • Is there any other software that you will need to integrate with?
  • How would you prefer the data to be stored?

Once you have narrowed down the alternatives that work for your business its important to take a moment and consider the value they provide. Whilst free solutions might seem like the best return on investment in the short run, an expensive accident or incident might prove them to be costly in the long-run. To ensure that your business and employees are protected as much as possible, its worth paying for premium safety inspection management.

Premium inspection safety solutions are able to give companies and organisations a higher level of both service and support, and more customisation options for their operations. Tailoring your safety inspection solution means that regulations can be closely incorporated into the very foundation of your processes, and all the stakeholders can have all the relevant reference material when they take to the field. This means that you can be assured that your employees, business environment, workplace and assets are set up, operated and managed in the safest way possible.

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