Techs4biz (Pervidi Software) Paperless Inspection Solutions for Mining Companies

Techs4biz develops software solutions to facilitate business digitalisation.

The Pervidi application provides paperless inspections, pre-start checks, compliance, audit and quality assurance. The paperless inspection platform can digitalise forms, simplify asset management and provide any organisation with a trustworthy and thorough digital solution.

Pervidi can be used to manage, automate and digitalise paper-based activities, including inspections and audits, asset and maintenance management, custom forms and processes, inspection management, custom data collection and computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).

The application can also digitalise occupational health and safety (OHS) operations such as safety activities (fall protection, racking, lifting, electrical safety), workplace inspections, site surveys and quality assurance.

Pervidi comprises the mobile device application and back-end server, which are configurable to any business or data collection requirement.

Mobile digital inspection applications for the mining sector

The Pervidi Solution makes use of smartphone and tablet technology to aid in collecting data in the field. Available for all iOS and Android users, the app takes full advantage of all the modern features available such as:

• Speech Recognition: now a standard feature in all new smartphones, speech-to-text services provides technicians a fast and effective way to record and store information for later reference when completing maintenance activities
• Integrated radio frequency identification (RFID): Custom RFID and barcodes effectively tag assets and store information. Utilising the camera function, Pervidi can quickly take and display any information stored to the user
• Camera and image annotation: Documenting findings by using a camera helps capture the visual point of view and provides a specific record of the findings. Any image taken and attached to a checklist can also be annotated, which allows users to further highlight key areas in certain images and describe an event or deficiencies
• Automatic global positioning system (GPS) timestamps: technicians can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic timestamps of an asset or inspection location
• Offline Reporting: Pervidi remains operational in locations inaccessible to a Wi-Fi or network coverage area. All reporting can be done offline with only the sending of finalised reports needing an internet connection

Diverse mobile device inspection applications for new or retrofit installations

Pervidi’s inspection application for mobile devices complements the back-end portal for management oversight and inspection reporting. The combination allows companies to easily focus on what’s important, as well as core competencies.

The digital solution offers businesses either in-house or Cloud inspection software solutions. With more than 100 built-in reports, reports can be emailed, printed, saved or exported using any web browser or device.

Pervidi can be integrated with your existing processes or systems such as human relations, space and asset management, maintenance and quality and customised in-house systems. Any business intelligence (BI) package can be attached to the database to create your own custom reports, metrics, trends and dashboards.

Digitalised documentation for optimal business operations

Pervidi has been designed to work across multiple devices such as tablets, iPads and smartphones, with maximum flexibility. The software not only provides useful features for inspectors but also numerous benefits that stretch across organisational operations.

The solution is configurable to automatically create corrective actions based on deficiencies recorded by your inspectors. These can be automatically emailed to selected users with all the necessary information to amend the deficiency.

A Trigger engine automatically emails alerts, notifications and reports based on dynamic criteria defined by your personnel and our tools enable inspectors to perform their tasks faster, easier, and more accurately.

About Techs4biz

Since 1999, Techs4biz has refined our combination of the mobile device apps and back-end portal to become a leading provider of digitalisation solutions for forms and checklists.

Pervidi is currently the only software with decision-based inspections and field data. As a software solution tailored around your business requirements with many customisation abilities, be sure to choose Pervidi for your paperless inspections to ensure the best result.

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Press Release

Moving Mining Technology and Equipment from Paper to Digital

One of the most difficult transitions within business can be taking your paper-based operations digital. This is largely due to the fact that many mines use dated methods for safety inspection, pre-start checks, operator rounds, logbook, or quality assurance.

White Papers

Paperless Inspection Solutions

This white paper will take you through the process of understanding how the technology of paperless inspection applications benefits the user and those around them.

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One of the most difficult transitions within business can be taking your paper-based operations digital. This is largely due to the fact that many mines use dated methods for safety inspection, pre-start checks, operator rounds, logbook, or quality assurance.

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12 August 2019

Mine operators must understand and consider the ramifications of their choice of mobile device.

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A key part of mining operations is not just about having the right equipment or methods in place but being able to properly maintain them.

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In the mining industry, as is the case in many other industries, certain disparities in employee recklessness or improper maintenance of their workplace can have possibly fatal consequences. This is why it is imperative to have a thorough daily work environment inspection.

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Pervidi’s Paperless Inspection Application can help you take your business pre-start checks digital.

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24 September 2018

Pervidi’s Inspection Software tailors its functionality specifically for the mining industry by building the solution custom to an organisation.

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