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Productivity and Performance Enhancement Solutions for Mining Operations

Maptek™ is a global provider of innovative software, hardware and services, offering a unique combination of mining domain knowledge, technical and engineering expertise and R&D capability.

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Maptek™ is an international company motivated by excellence and innovation to develop 3D solutions that support intelligent business decisions across the entire mining value chain. Our powerful, smart technologies help operations better understand and transform technical data into decision-ready information. An internet of things (IoT) approach ensures contextual data collected by equipment, processes and systems can be communicated in real time to technical teams and management.

Maptek’s hardware, software and services help miners refine geological and resource models, calculate reserves, develop short and long term plans and schedule mining. Our applications provide a common platform for geological, geotechnical and engineering teams.

Maptek builds collaborative partnerships with users and other technology providers. We develop innovative, technically robust solutions that solve daily challenges and improve industry practice. Maptek invests heavily in R&D, embracing new immersive technologies and applying solutions that allow mining companies to continuously improve performance.

Maptek supports the professional development of the next generation of mining professionals through masterclasses, internships and train the trainer initiatives.

Orebody understanding leads to robust geological models and mine designs

Maptek Vulcan™ and Eureka offer an interactive 3D visualisation and modelling environment to build and evaluate models for exploration and mine projects.

Users can manage and validate drillhole, assay, geophysical, lithological and analytical data.

Implicit modelling and uncertainty modelling improve outcomes when working with complex geology to build accurate resource models. A feature-rich geostatistical toolbox helps users gain a clear understanding of geological data and analyse multiple scenarios for real-time comparisons.

Modelling and analysis can be semi or fully automated. Updates to the project database are seamlessly reflected in mine models, promoting faster, more effective decision-making.

Engineering solutions inform orebody-aware mine planning decisions

Maptek provides a common platform for geological, geotechnical and engineering teams.

Reliable and repeatable results are derived from running multiple scenarios for streamlined translation into safe and economic mine plans. Connectivity with orebody knowledge, mine execution and production systems enables a real-time, holistic design and planning environment where decisions can have an immediate impact on mine performance.

Whether developing day-to-day or long term mine plans, Vulcan provides the tools to model the resource and design the mine, dynamically updating plans as data changes. Interpretations and results can be shared with confidence to guide productive and profitable mining.

Spatial measurement and benchmarking drill and blast operations

Maptek BlastLogic™ digital drill and blast management system advances sustainable improvements in blast design and implementation that increase safety and performance, and optimise costs.

Maptek solves key challenges such as automation, data analytics and blast optimisation through simulation and evaluation of blast outcomes that take up and downstream processes into account. Integration with third-party drill navigation systems delivers near real-time synchronisation of mine planning and operational data.

Maptek spatial 3D measurement solutions are founded on innovative in-field processing to deliver automated outcomes. Long and short range, IP65-rated laser scanners are applied to survey, conformance and stability monitoring applications in underground and surface mines. Flexible configuration, advanced visualisation and reporting meet rigorous operational safety and risk management objectives.

Maptek PointStudio software supports rapid turnaround of data for generating volumetric and design conformance reports. Rigorous environmental protection, faster data acquisition, improved HDR photography and remote control lead to enhanced surface and underground survey solutions.

Safe and accurate slope stability and underground convergence monitoring

Sentry delivers accurate, reliable risk monitoring data for mining and civil engineering projects, including ramps, access roads, land slips, dam walls and tunnel openings.

Sentry is a laser-based system that is simple to set up and operate.

Operations can monitor multiple zones within a scene. Customisable monitoring frequency and notification thresholds allow critical information to be sent direct to geotechnical staff or mine managers so they can decide on action to be taken.

Sentry produces a true 3D digital terrain model for analysing structures and the surrounding area. Time lapse video allows users to visualise events and predict movement.

Safe and reliable convergence and subsidence monitoring delivers accurate data to support underground risk management programmes.

Scheduling across all strategic and tactical mine planning horizons

Evolution uses resource model data to calculate every aspect of mine planning and scheduling, including net present value (NPV), haulage, waste dump formation, mineral processing, mining equipment and CapEx.

It generates and compares thousands of planning scenarios and presents the best option to meet criteria.

This enables miners to implement one software system for medium, long-term and strategic mine scheduling, as well as daily and weekly activity planning.

Evolution helps operations deliver consistent product to match customer specifications when economic conditions change. In an industry first, Evolution generates practical, real-world schedules optimised against multiple objectives, either independently or simultaneously and in any combination. This allows operations to maximise their life of mine while maintaining production targets for each period.

Intelligent machine and mine production system analytics

Maptek is applying machine learning and augmented reality to accelerate tasks such as grade estimation, fragmentation analysis and production tracking.

A partnership with PETRA Data Science has resulted in integration of digital twin models within Vulcan block models for utilising vast amounts of historical production data for predicting mine performance.

MineSuite mine information systems allow operations to monitor and report on product, processes, equipment and personnel across mining, processing and beneficiation environments.

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Evolution Mine Scheduling

Maptek Evolution produces short, medium, long-term and strategic life of mine schedules alongside practical production plans.

Mine Information Management Systems

Maptek 100% owned subsidiary MinLog develops information management systems that contextualise data from various sources to close the loop between operations and planning.

Maptek Interoperability Systems

Maptek licences third-party developers to access SDKs (Software Development Kits) for interoperability, extension and integration with Maptek software packages.

3D Spatial Mine Measurement Systems

Maptek 3D laser survey technology combines rugged long-range laser scanning hardware and powerful modelling and analysis software. Maptek laser scanning systems are safe, accurate and reliable and are developed in an ISO9001 quality certified environment.

Why Vulcan – interview with Jesse Oldham

Maptek Group Product Manager, Mine Planning Jesse Oldham outlines why the latest release of the mine planning package, Vulcan 2020, allows engineers and geologists to make confident decisions about planning and design for safe, productive operations.

Mine Scheduling Reinvented

As a mining professional you work hard to understand your orebody, mining techniques, equipment and processing plant, and then apply that knowledge to improve mine performance.

Maptek Invests with PETRA Data Science

In an industry first, Maptek and PETRA Data Science have established a partnership, which will enable seamless value chain optimisation and simulation from resource models through to metal produced.

Rewarding Enterprise

A high-grade gold deposit in Western Australia relies on Maptek Evolution Cloud-based technology to solve scheduling challenges.

Reporting for Success

Maptek BlastLogic provides advanced reporting around drill and blast, allowing operations to benchmark the process for identifying and realising areas for improvement.

New SR3 Underground Laser Scanner from Maptek

Whether for general underground survey or detailed geological face mapping, few understand the mine survey challenge such as Maptek. Which is why the new Maptek I-Site SR3 600m-range laser scanner is destined to become the mine measurement standard for underground operations.

Maptek Internships ‘Invaluable’ for Budding Engineers

The Maptek summer internship programme has given a group of aspiring software engineers experience operating in professional teams, working with different code bases and finding solutions to real-world challenges.

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