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Honeywell Process Solutions is a global technology leader serving the minerals industry, providing a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art solutions, deployment services, domain expertise, sustained support and remote operations centres in mining.

The company’s intelligent, easy-to-use technologies help to optimise mining and minerals processing performance.

To improve industrial cybersecurity in mining, these solutions also leverage developments such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 as part of a digital transformation strategy or an outcome-based programme intended to harness valuable plant data, anticipate areas of potential growth and enable collaboration across the enterprise.

Honeywell Process Solutions’ products enable clients to manage assets remotely, optimise the decision-making process, and securely and safely manage their enterprise.

Integrated, end-to-end solutions for mining and mineral processing industries

From blasting through concentrating, smelting and refining, and from sensors to board rooms, Honeywell offers integrated, end-to-end solutions to meet all control and decision support needs while significantly increasing business value for mining and minerals companies.

Honeywell Connected Enterprise applications deliver higher levels of safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability. They turn data into actionable insights so mining organisations can optimise operations, predict plant failures, eliminate unplanned downtime and improve asset performance management in mining.

Honeywell is recognised for having the largest installed base of Advanced Process Control (APC) throughout mining and minerals. The company’s Multivariable Predictive Control (MPC) technology provides quantifiable process control improvements that exceed those typically delivered by OEM-supplied solutions, resulting in increased throughput and reduced energy consumption.

Operator training and competency software suite

Honeywell’s best-in-class UniSim® software suite supports the implementation of Operator Training Simulator (OTS) systems and digital transformation initiatives to manage and improve operator competency, helping to ensure optimal production and cost-effectiveness with minimal losses or equipment problems.

Honeywell’s OTS solutions employ a ‘digital twin’ to represent physical assets and the processes that take place within them. The digital twin replicates equipment / device behaviour and contains built-in process models for what is connected to the equipment. Simulations show how equipment performs under varying conditions to assist with operator training.

Substantial additional value can be obtained if the OTS is built in conjunction with the plant design process of a Greenfield project during its feasibility stages.

Asset performance management software

Honeywell Forge asset performance management solutions, part of an overall connected enterprise approach, drive improved asset health, reliability and performance with pre-tested machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced pattern recognition algorithms for most asset classes, uniquely including mobile assets such as the mining fleet.

Honeywell Forge solutions are the foundation of a prescriptive maintenance plan that analyses different asset scenarios and recommends the best way to move forward without under-maintaining or over-maintaining critical assets.

Personal safety and productivity solutions

Honeywell’s solution for connected people in the mining and minerals sectors includes the use of intelligent wearables and mobile solutions to meet requirements for inspection rounds, skills assimilation, knowledge transfer and expert on-demand among others.

These solutions feature a head-mounted visual display that responds to voice and brings live data and documents, as well as health and safety information into view.

They also support digital transformation by automating workflows, so that input from the field is merged with other data sources, to be ultimately fed into core operational systems.

Production accounting and reporting capabilities

For metal accounting and reconciliation, Honeywell’s Production Accounting and Reconciliation software provides a high-performance, statistic-based data reconciliation solution for material and energy balance challenges.

It helps operating companies to effectively report accurate production and inventory information, and pinpoint likely sensor-based raw data capture errors and anomalies. The software includes a simultaneous component to balance for metal accounting.

Industrial cybersecurity software

Based on proven process control know-how, industrial safety expertise and advanced technology investments, Honeywell’s Forge cybersecurity software and services help companies reduce risk across their operational technology (OT) environments.

They focus on increasing visibility into vulnerabilities and cyber threats, enabling proactive action to mitigate risks and improve cybersecurity management efficiency.

Control systems for remote centralised operations

In the mining and minerals industry, Honeywell’s Experion® PKS control system supports local, remote and / or centralised operational control centres, and digital workforce management in mining.

This solution provides real-time monitoring of open platform process automation systems, as well as online access to process data and control application information for multiple sites.

A remote operations centre can play a vital role in operating the mine and plant. It also helps in supporting installed automation systems and technologies, and can assist with development, deployment and training.

The Experion PKS control suite is the first enterprise-wide solution to merge disparate functions, systems and knowledge to integrate people with processes, business requirements and asset management for both safe and superior performance.

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