Shipman King Piping Systems, Valves and Petroleum Fittings for the Mining Industry

Shipman King manufactures and distributes a range of valves, piping and petroleum fittings for service station forecourt and mining applications.

The Shipman King name has a long history in the petroleum industry having been established in 1923 to supply equipment to the burgeoning service station forecourt market.

Over the years, Shipman King has expanded its product range and has now diversified into many industries including the mining sector.

Aboveground and Underground Piping Systems

Shipman King has stocked and distributed the Durapipe PLX polyethylene pipe and fitting system for more than 20 years. The product has been supplied into many industries, including service station forecourts, telecommunications, defence and the mining industry.

Durapipe PLX is an aboveground or below ground polyethylene piping system that uses electrofusion fittings for its jointing procedure. Durapipe PLX is available in single wall pipe, secondary close fit pipe, or secondary pipe in pipe. The secondary contained piping systems can be monitored by various leak detection systems.

The Durapipe PLX pipework systems offers a quick, easy-to-use, and convenient installation method. The electrofusion fittings are easily installed using a standard electrofusion machine. A range of secondary close fit pipe sizes come in 100m coils for quick installation, and the product has a design life of 30 years making it longer lasting than some traditional pipework materials.

Leak Detection Systems

Shipman King distribute the SGB range of leak detection systems for secondary contained pipework or double wall tanks.

SGB has a large range of under and over pressure leak detection systems to monitor the interstitial space between the secondary contained pipes or double walled tanks. With the SGB manifold system, one unit can monitor a number of different lines and tanks. The SGB units can also be wired to send an alarm to a location off site.

The SGB leak detection systems come with the highest environmental protection level in accordance to European standard EN 13160.

Overfill Prevention Valves

Shipman King offers a wide range of mechanical overfill prevention valves to suit various size aboveground tanks.

The overfill prevention valves are designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut off during a pressurized fill. The valves are designed to allow for a full flow fill until the set cut off level is reached, generally 90-95% of the tank capacity.

The valves come in various sizes, lengths and flow rates depending on the size of the tank that needs to be filled.

Emergency Vents for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Shipman King’s emergency vent series are used on aboveground storage tanks as a code requirement.

Our emergency vents are designed to help prevent tanks from over pressurisation and possible ruptures in the event of exposure to fire.

An emergency vent must be used in conjunction with a standard vent. The correct tank size and selection are necessary to ensure optimal performance and meets the specific venting capacity.

Pressure Vacuum Vents

Shipman King’s pressure vacuum vents are installed on top of underground and low volume aboveground tanks.

The vent allows the tank to breathe during filling and discharging operations and must be used in conjunction with an emergency vent.

The opening pressure setting should be configured below that of the emergency vent so the normal vent operates first.

Anti-Syphon Valves

Shipman King’s anti-syphon valves are used to prevent the formation of a syphon in storage tanks when a line break or leak occurs.

The valve will help minimise product loss, environmental contamination and/or fire hazards. It will automatically stop product flow if a syphon occurs due to a line break.

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Quality, Innovation and Versatility at the Heart of Durapipe

Durapipe PLX is an above and below ground product range created to fulfil the application needs of various fuel applications.

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Press Release

8 May 2018

Durapipe PLX is an above and below ground product range created to fulfil the application needs of various fuel applications.

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Shipman King Pty Ltd

109 McEwan Road

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+61 3 9459 9900 +61 3 9459 9944

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