Mineral Processing and Liquid Pumping Equipment


ITT produces a wide range of pumps for the mining and mineral processing industry, as well as integrated service solutions such as preventive monitoring, contract maintenance, emergency field service, engineered upgrades, inventory management, and equipment overhauls.

Mine and mineral processing plants worldwide use the company’s process-proven Fabri-Valve® abrasion-resistant knife gate and slurry valves, Dia-Flo® diaphragm valves, and Cam-Line® plastic-lined ball valves.

Slurry transfer solutions for mining sites

PRO Services® Goulds manufactures innovative solutions, designed to reduce pump total cost of ownership.

These include severe duty hard metal pumps and rubber-lined SRL-XT pumps for aggressive mill discharge and cyclone feed applications, SRL-C and SRL-S pumps for flotation concentrate and tailings, and rubber-lined vertical cantilever pumps for transferring slurries from floor sumps / pits.

The Goulds Model XHD incorporates the latest technology, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to provide next-generation severe-duty slurry pumping.

Designed as a result of extensive customer feedback, the XHF incorporates high-efficiency and extended wear life, alongside optimal reliability and simplified maintenance.

Fuel transfer vane pumps

ITT Australia is the exclusive distributor of Ebsray Vane Pumps in Western Australia, and can also supply a wide range of other brands to meet the client’s duty requirements.

Vane pumps are used when transferring hydrocarbons and have low net positive suction head requirements (NPSHr), making them suitable for fuel unloading applications.

Pumps are available in cast or ductile iron, aluminium and stainless-steel.

Reliability improvements

ITT PRO Services can be deployed as customised standalone or integrated solutions, which include equipment monitoring, and control products and services.

Designed to improve system reliability and up-time, ITT on-site experts work with maintenance and operations teams to identify and resolve issues through:

  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Energy performance audits and enhancements
  • Maintenance, operator and management training

ITT engineering delivers performance improvements through hydraulic, mechanical and material modifications to achieve effective return on investment (ROI).

Rotating equipment repairs

Local ISO 9001 certified PRO Services® Centres are equipped and trained to perform industrial repairs and upgrades, resulting in extended run times, reduced costs, improved reliability, and increased profitability,

PRO Repair technicians fix a wide range of pumps and rotating equipment, including:

  • Pumps: barrel, vacuum, circulating water, and vertical
  • Mixers
  • Gearboxes
  • Fans
  • Babbitted bearings
  • Agitators

Condition monitoring technology

i-ALERT®2 combines Bluetooth® low-energy and sensor technology into a rugged, safe, industry-certified package to offer remote equipment monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.

iALERT enables users to perform the following:

  • Enhanced vibration analysis
  • Data logging with trend analysis
  • Early detection of machine failures
  • Industrial rated for hazard environments
  • Instant access to machine records
  • Wireless syncing to mobile devices
  • Vibration, temperature, and run-time monitoring

Variable frequency drive systems

PumpSmart® variable frequency drive (VFD) systems monitor or control multiple pumps while operating in parallel or series piping plans, as well as facilitating multi-pump operation for medium-voltage systems.

Available in low and medium-voltage configurations, the solution evenly balances process pumps during minimum and maximum loads, while keeping the pump close to optimal efficiency.

ITT’s engineering and application knowledge allows PumpSmart to automatically perform the following:

  • Alternate pump work based on run / operating hours
  • Eliminate control valves
  • Fault back up for each pump
  • Integrate into plant distributed control system (DCS) for operations
  • Maximise efficiency / energy of each pump
  • Protection for each pump and auto changeover
  • Stage (on) and de-stage (off) during various load conditions

Re-engineered pump replacement component services

ProCast® performs engineering, foundry and machining services for the production of metal centrifugal pump replacement parts for worldwide industrial markets.

Incorporating global engineering centre capability, regional manufacturing resources and state-of-the-art technology, ProCast re-engineers parts, and provides quick and cost-effective solutions to enhance hydraulic performance and equipment lifecycle.

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