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Strategic Metallurgy

In-House Metallurgical Laboratory and Pilot Plant Facilities

23 Belmont Avenue,
Belmont 6023,
Western Australia,

23 Belmont Avenue,
Belmont 6023,
Western Australia,

Strategic Metallurgy is a specialist metallurgical consultancy firm that provides quality advice to its clients on the treatment of ores, concentrates and high-value products.

With an in-house metallurgical laboratory and pilot plant facilities, our company can offer a complete service to cost-effectively meet your company’s metallurgical requirements and resolve problematic metallurgical challenges.

Metallurgy consultancy services for treating base metals, lithium and uranium

Strategic Metallurgy has consulted on a wide range of mining projects involving various metals, including nickel, copper, cobalt, uranium, lithium, vanadium, gold, and fertilisers.

We have specific capabilities in the field of hydrometallurgy especially for Ni/Cu/Co, uranium, and lithium.

Extraction, concentration, purification and product recovery services

Within the laboratory, Strategic Metallurgy receives ore samples in the form of rocks or drill core, then crushes and grinds them to the required size for metal extraction and concentration.

We can undertake flotation or gravity concentration as an initial step to a saleable product. If required, we can also conduct hydrometallurgical test work for further purification, concentration and recovery of high-value products.

Project testwork optimisation services

Strategic Metallurgy’s approach to projects is to comprehensively develop the knowledge base.

We strive to understand the mineralogy of the ore and how it relates to the ore body, as well as its subsequent processing response.

We undertake work to define the physical attributes of the system, especially the critical liquids-solids separation steps. All the initial test work is usually conducted in our own laboratory where we are able to observe first-hand the various process steps in action such as flotation, leaching, precipitation or crystallisation.

Over the years, this ability to observe has been invaluable in defining workable process options.

Project process definition packs

In defining your process, Strategic Metallurgy delivers much more than just a flowsheet.

Our ‘Process Design Pack’ defines the process we have developed for you in detail consistent with the stage of development of your project. You receive a clear and detailed description of the process supported by test work results and computer modelling if required.

The pack fully catalogues the process and is the key input to economic studies, ranging from scoping and pre-feasibility to a full definitive feasibility study (DFS).

Operating and capital cost estimation capabilities

Strategic Metallurgy has the capability to undertake capital and operating cost estimates for your project.

For scoping and pre-feasibility studies, we use our in-house database of costs and work collaboratively with you to ensure the costs best reflect your project.

For a DFS, a suitably qualified engineering company is engaged with Strategic Metallurgy throughout the entire process.

Innovative processing technologies

Strategic Metallurgy invests in the transformation of a technical idea into a commercially viable process.

We internally developed the L-Max® process for recovering lithium chemicals from micaceous minerals. Its concept started from a single rock and has now grown to be integral to the ASX-listed company Lepidico.

In addition, our company has developed technologies for the production of lithium hydroxide without the co-production of sodium sulphate. This solution led to the creation of Bright Minz.

Our team has developed and logged more than 20 unique patents across a wide range of technical fields such as pressure leaching, ammonia regeneration, lithium processing, lithium hydroxide production and solvent extraction.

Bench-scale testing for small and large processing plants

For all processes, development progresses from bench-scale testing to the next scale of operation. For well-established processes such as flotation, or carbon in pulp (CIP) gold recovery, bench-scale testing can move directly to a full-scale plant. For new and complex processes, a smaller mini-plant or pilot plant size operation may be required.

Strategic Metallurgy has considerable experience in the design, construction and operation of these developmental size plants.

We undertake the design and construction with our in-house team, which is also charged with operating the plant as required. This inclusive approach preserves the knowledge within the team and is invaluable in optimising future design and operation.

About Strategic Metallurgy

One of Strategic Metallurgy’s key attributes is the team, comprising six experienced metallurgists.

While each project has its own project manager responsible for delivering the required outcome, all members of the team are involved in some way. Project direction and results are regularly reviewed by the team with all input viewed as valuable.

We also work closely with our clients to deliver innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions for treating ores.

Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd

23 Belmont Avenue

Belmont 6023

Western Australia