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Simulation Engineering Technologies

Computer Simulation Models for Mine Sites

Bastion House,
52 Lyttelton Road,
0157 South Africa

Bastion House,
52 Lyttelton Road,
0157 South Africa

Simulation Engineering Technologies (SET) is a leader in creating accurate computer simulation models of complex systems. We have over 20 years of collective experience in conducting simulation studies in mining, logistics, manufacturing and service industries.

Using simulation technology has become mandatory for leading companies when performing due diligence studies of a new mine, process design or changing current design parameters.

Rock handling systems

SET have vast experience modelling rock handling systems to gain insight into potential bottlenecks, optimize bin / silo capacities, determine rock handling system capacity and weigh up alternatives. The models include:

  • Conveyor and feeder systems
  • Crushers (primary, secondary and tertiary crushing systems)
  • Hoisting systems
  • Ore loading and handling

Rail and truck haulage systems

SET provides simulation models of rail / truck haulage systems to determine overall system capacity, quantify potential queuing at rail and truck dumps, and optimize ore pass capacity.

We have created numerous models of truck ramp systems to determine passing bay requirements, truck interference and ramp capacity.

Simulation models of mining methods and cycles

SET have significant experience of created simulation models of various mining methods, including:

  • Block cave mines
  • Room-and-pillar mines
  • Breast mining (narrow reef)
  • Sublevel stopping
  • Continious mining
  • Cut-and-fill
  • Longwall mining

Mine development

SET uses, sells and supports the state-of-the-art SimMine® Development Package. SimMine can optimise resource planning and scheduling of underground development.

SimMine is easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining.

Vertical and horizontal personnel and material transportation

SET has performed various studies of personnel and material logistics, surface queuing, single / double cage hoisting and staging of material / explosive cars on surface / level stations.

For open pit mining, simulation studies are performed to determine the optimal mining equipment fleet size and maximize production capability by minimizing truck queuing for loader(s) or at crusher(s).

Simulation has been proven to be a great tool for evaluating various truck dispatching rules, such as:

  • Truck queuing models for testing the effect of additional equipment on queuing times or probability of interference
  • For crushing and conveying, testing the effect of downstream ore handling systems on your haulage fleet to optimise ore-handling equipment maintenance philosophies

Stockpiling and blending

SET have been involved in studies to test different stockpile blending strategies based on ore grade quality and to determine surface stockpile size.

Processing plants and smelters for mining materials

SET have made capacity recommendations on numerous surface comminution plants. The models give insight into the stockpile requirements, equipment sizing and overall production capability of various alternatives.

We also have experience with smelter simulation models including ladle and ingot handling, and dynamic power consumption analysis.

Scaleable simulation consulting for the mining industry

SET offers scaleable simulation consulting for the mining, logistics, service and manufacturing industries. SET has a highly trained team of industrial engineers specialising in conducting simulation studies and operations management and general industrial engineering consulting.

We can also provide capacity planning, using various industry tools to optimize capacity requirements.

SET has extensive experience of applying industrial engineering concepts and simulation to evaluate alternatives and provide decision support, in order to improve mining perations.

Mine simulation training

We offer two types of mine simulation training: Simio Training (for beginners and advanced users) and SimMine Training (for beginners and advanced users).
Mine simulation software packages

SET is a proud re-seller of the state-of-the-art Simio® and SimMine® simulation software packages. We also make use of Rockwell Software’s Arena® simulation software.

Simulation Engineering Technologies

Bastion House

52 Lyttelton Road




South Africa