NeoMet Engineering Metallurgical Development and Process Optimisation Services for the Mining Sector

NeoMet Engineering is a specialist consultancy company that provides metallurgical development and process optimisation services, as well as online moisture analysis solutions.

We have in-house technical expertise in iron ore and gold, in addition to a broad range of project management capability.

Metallurgical testwork solutions for mining companies

NeoMet Engineering has been established to provide metallurgical project support and management services to our clients across a range of commodities. We provide technical services across various metallurgical projects, from resource evaluation drilling design to process plant efficiency studies.

Our metallurgists are experienced operators across all levels of a typical mining supply chain. We can advise our clients on the best methods to evaluate a resource for process flowsheet development. We will also work with our clients to design, manage and analyse laboratory testwork programmes.

Samples input to testing programmes are often overlooked and form the most critical part of any testing programme. NeoMet metallurgists will work with our clients to develop sampling programmes suitable to their stage of development and overall corporate and project objectives.

Project management capabilities

NeoMet Metallurgists have strong project management backgrounds and skills. We are available to help our clients deliver projects in the most efficient manner available.

We have extensive project management skills ranging across resource development and evaluation projects, process optimisation works and capital projects related to the minerals processing sector.

Technical marketing services for iron ore

Technical marketing of iron ore is a critical aspect of bringing a new project to market or optimising an existing iron ore offering. The technical marketing approach favoured by NeoMet is to focus the marketing activities on the technical differentiators of the iron ore and target activities to the highest value-in-use customers.

Our past clients include explorers seeking to secure offtake of their proposed iron ores to underpin project development. We also work with existing producers to assist with optimisation of their offtake arrangements and improve the economics of their iron ore sales.

A solid technical understanding of the product is critical to any marketing campaign and therefore forms the basis of the NeoMet approach to mineral commodity marketing. We have access to a worldwide network of iron ore and other commodity experts.

Process audits and peer reviews for metallurgical projects

The operating experience of NeoMet’s metallurgists highlights our ability to implement process audits and design reviews with a focus on operational efficiencies and quality control.

Metallurgical audits and peer reviews take many forms, from desktop and process data reviews to site audits. We are involved throughout each metallurgical process audit from design to execution.

Our team can also conduct due diligence reviews to support expansion or development projects, disposal works or project acquisition.

Online, real-time moisture analysis of conveyed ore streams

NeoMet Engineering’s online moisture analysis solution is based around the Moisttech CCS3000 near infrared (NIR) moisture analyser.

The CCS3000 is a robust lightweight gauge that is easily fitted to any process line to provide process operators with real-time moisture information. The gauge is used in a variety of minerals and industrial applications, including iron ore, bauxite, paste plants and dryer products for online process optimisation.

The CCS3000 provides a high-availability, high-accuracy moisture measurement solution at a relatively low capital cost with low-operating costs. As minimal operator intervention is required, the gauge is a low-maintenance component.

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