M2P Engineering

Mechanical and Inflatable Engineering Solutions from Mine 2 Port

14 Glenister Street, Archerfield,QLD 4108, Australia

M2P Engineering provides structural, mechanical and piping construction, maintenance and engineering services from mine to port.

We also provide patented inflatable Minvent Products. These products are custom-made, innovative solutions for overhead protection, underground mine ventilation control and sealing solutions.

We have a significant new and fit-for-purpose fleet of underground capable construction plant and equipment, including cranes, tilt tray and light trucks, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers and light vehicles.

Our current customers include some of the biggest names in the mining, materials, industrial and shipping sectors, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Glencore, OZ Minerals, Anglo American, Newcrest, Barrick Gold, Boral, MMG, Alcoa and GFG Alliance.

Structural, Mechanical & Piping Construction & Maintenance

Primary Crushing Stations – M2P is experienced in installing and maintaining primary crushers, feed pockets, tipples and discharge pockets.

Crushed Ore Bins – M2P has installed crushed ore and surge bins of varying sizes and capacities.

Tramp Removal Areas – M2P has installed apron feeders, picking and collection conveyors, heavy-duty magnets and tramp metal detectors.

Portal Conveyors and Surface Transfer Stations – M2P has experience installing conveyor and transfer stations linking underground materials handling systems to surface infrastructure.

Primary Ventilation Systems – M2P has installed and commissioned both temporary and primary ventilation systems. Including manufacturing and installing underground hydraulic and pneumatic ventilation doors and associated equipment.

Mine Services – M2P’s experience covers the installation of mine services, such as water storage tanks, mine and plant air systems, break tanks and dewatering rising mains.

Concrete Batching Plants – M2P has installed concrete batching plants, including hoppers, tanks and all associated services.

Customised inflatable ventilation control and safety systems

M2P manufactures and installs inflatable ventilation control devices (VCD), overhead protection systems (OPS), environmental shelters, shaft plugs, formwork for a wide range of applications. We can design, manufacture and install almost any customised inflatable structure to suit your needs.

M2P’s R&D program is dedicated to improving the design of our existing solutions, whilst also developing designs utilising speciality materials. Our goal is to develop inflatable systems that revolutionise the way operations conduct their business.

Overhead protection systems (OPS)

M2P’s OPS aim to protect personnel and infrastructure during construction, operational and maintenance activities.

These systems can be applied to almost any situation requiring overhead protection such as shafts, ore passes, surge bins, escape-ways, roasters, furnaces/kilns, calciners, chutes and vessel confined spaces.

The units are designed to inflate in an overhead void and apply positive pressure on all surfaces. This prevents any linings, dropped debris, mining refuse or rubble from falling.

These inflatable systems can be operational within one hour, eliminating the need to install costly scaffolding, nets and covers. OPS are installed remotely, such that personnel are not exposed to any open voids during installation.

The OPS is available in a variety of materials, including fire-resistant anti-static (FRAS), and heavy-duty PVC. They can be designed as a reusable maintenance and construction system or a semi-permanent structure for operational applications.

The OPS unit can be used in conjunction with our audio-visual emergency alarm system to provide a high level of safety.

Ventilation control devices (VCD)

M2P’s unique VCDs are designed to suit your application and comply with state mining regulations.

Our vent and control products include routine and emergency mine seals, emergency personnel access safety systems (EPASS), ventilation redirection devices, rapid brattices, regulated brattices and parastops.

Testing and Evaluation of VentStop: an Inflatable Temporary Ventilation Control Device

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in partnership with Strata Products tested the sealing capability of Ventstop®™ as part of an ongoing mine fire control and suppression research program. Ventstop®™ is a multi-purpose, inflatable device that is produced by Minvent Solutions (now M2P Engineering) and is available worldwide for use in the metal and nonmetal mining industry.

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