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M2P Engineering acquired Minvent Solutions in December 2018 and has since added the design and manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inflatable solutions to its capabilities.

M2P Minvent is the leading provider of inflatable custom-designed safety and vent control solutions, which are designed to optimise your operations.

Our inflatable systems will add value to your operation, reducing installation time while improving safety.

Our current customers include some of the biggest names in the mining, materials, industrial and shipping sectors, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Glencore, OZ Minerals, Anglo American, Newcrest, Barrick Gold, Boral, MMG, Alcoa and GFG Alliance.

Customised inflatable safety solutions for all applications

M2P supplies polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inflatable ventilation control systems, overhead protection systems (OPS) and can design customised inflatable solutions to suit your operational needs.

We design, manufacture and install custom and reusable solutions such as ventilation control devices (VCDs), emergency seals, environmental shelters, shaft plugs, formwork for a wide range of applications.

M2P’s R&D program is dedicated to improving the design of our existing solutions, whilst also developing designs utilising specialty materials. Our goal is to develop inflatable systems that revolutionise the way operations conduct their business.

Our systems will reduce time and costs, increase operational productivity, improve safe working environments and meet regulatory compliance standards.

Overhead protection systems (OPS)

M2P’s OPS are designed to protect personnel and infrastructure during construction, operational and maintenance activities. These systems can be applied to almost any situation requiring overhead protection such as shafts, ore passes, surge Bins, escape-ways, roasters, furnaces/kilns, calciners, chutes and vessel confined spaces. Existing rigid overhead protection alternatives are costly, single-use and less safe

The unit is designed to inflate in an overhead void and apply positive pressure on all surfaces. This prevents any dropped debris, mining refuse or rubble from falling.

These inflatable systems can be operational in one hour, eliminating the need to install costly scaffolding, nets and covers.

The OPS is available in a variety of materials, including fire-resistant anti-static (FRAS), and heavy-duty PVC. They can be designed as a reusable maintenance and construction system or a semi-permanent structure for operational applications.   

The OPS unit can be used in conjunction with our audiovisual emergency alarm system to provide a high level of safety.

Ventilation control solutions

M2P’s unique VCDs are designed to suit your application and comply with state mining regulations.

Our vent and control products includes emergency personnel access safety systems (EPASS), emergency seals, ventilation seals and controls, rapid brattices, Regbratt®™ (regulated brattice) and Parastop.

Our patented Ventstop®™ system is a leading rapid response ventilation control unit. It is a reusable inflatable product that can be used to block off any vertical or horizontal voids.

Ventstop’s customised design enables you to control dust, fumes, smoke and thermal heat for a safe working environment, as well as maintains a breathable environment by creating a rapid seal.

The system is portable and comes complete with a steel storage crate allowing rapid deployment in 15 minutes.

Engineering and maintenance solutions for the mining sector

M2P understands operations and the importance of a safe and efficient working environment.

Our portfolio of complementary services include consultation, design, custom manufacturing, installation supervision and training, and maintenance.

M2P also provides mechanical maintenance services to clients in extractive, processing and materials handling industries such as cargo shipping, quarries and concrete plants.

Safety solutions and accessories

M2P offers a wide range of accessories to complement its inflatable safety solutions.

We supply blasthole liners, acoustic socks, control boxes, alarm systems and repair kits. We also provide concertina ventilation ducting and venturi air inlet fittings.

Major engineering projects

M2P Engineering are currently delivering the construction of all structural, mechanical & piping works associated with the Underground Infrastructure project at Carrapateena for OZ Minerals.

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