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High-Voltage Electrical Asset Maintenance and Optimisation

MM Group works with plant owners to achieve efficient and reliable lifecycle operation of high-voltage (HV) electrical assets.

We offer specialised electrical engineering consultancy services, as well as quality assurance (QA) certified HV asset management solutions.

High-voltage components for the mining sector

MM Group provides expertise in business-critical HV rotating and stationary electrical equipment, including:

  • Mill motors
  • Winder motors
  • HV critical motors
  • Vent fans
  • Compressors
  • HV reticulation
  • Transformers
  • HV switchrooms
  • Substations
  • Critical HV cables

MM Group provides quality assurance (QA) certified HV asset management solutions, delivering tangible benefits, which include:

  • Quantified asset condition and trend analysis
  • Targeted and effective maintenance recommendations
  • Minimised operational and business risk expenditure
  • Failure investigations and expeditious recovery plans
  • Inspection test and audit programmes

Applying this comprehensive assessment extends asset life and maximises reliability.

Partial discharge testing

Partial discharge testing detects, locates and classifies insulation anomalies in HV stator windings, cables, switchrooms, substations, and transformers.

Early detection prevents in-service failures and shutdowns. Implementation of both online and offline partial discharge testing is essential for best practice asset management procedure of HV equipment.

High-voltage electrical site services

MM Group offers extensive electrical testing and inspection services, which identify and mitigate issues that lead to asset failure.

Using state-of-the-art test equipment, we can complete a wide variety of common standards-based electrical tests.

Repair management

On-time, on-budget, certified repairs. Historical analysis demonstrates that the implementation of simple engineering controls creates cost savings of up to 40% on off-site equipment repairs.

Taking responsibility for ensuring deliverables against contracts using our unique RepairMonitor® tool enables total visibility and control of your offsite repairs. All repairs undertaken using this tool are monitored and reviewed by our machines repair specialists, who will ensure compliance with industry standards and your machine’s specifications.

Transformer oil testing

Oil sampling and analysis is a powerful tool in diagnosing and assessing the condition of your transformer fleet. The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited oil laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics and instrumentation.

Qualified chemists process high volumes of samples, with robust accuracy and expedited turnaround times to meet the most stringent demand. All oil sampling is conducted to international standards.

On-site refurbishment services

HV electrical assets are susceptible to unexpected outages, which lead to unbudgeted costs and revenue losses. Such outages are avoidable with failure risk minimisation achieved through planned maintenance intervention. A key contributor to these failures is contamination. The sources of contamination can include environmental pollution, dust and/or oil misting. Removal of this contamination extends HV insulation life and mitigates exposure to secondary damage.

MM Group provides independent, in-situ services to overhaul air-cooled generators, large critical electrical machines and transformers. The result is faster turnaround (less downtime), and total elimination of logistic costs.

Engineering consultation solutions

A robust inspection plan is imperative to best practice machine management. Our specialist engineers can tailor inspection plans and maintenance specifications to your business and provide assistance in rolling these out across your business.

Additionally, failure investigations, design review and operational assessments are provided.

Asset management tools

MM Group has a suite of proprietary asset management tools to assist in assessing the true condition of electrical assets.

These tools enable asset owners to transition, with confidence, to ‘on condition’ maintenance, optimising the overall maintenance programme through dynamic assessment of asset condition.


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White Papers

  • Framework for the Effective Repair Management of Critical Assets

    All good repair plans require a work strategy based on an informed and qualified assessment of the repair requirements. To better understand the condition of the asset, there are some upfront questions that can be asked to form the decisions to be made for recovery of the machine.

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