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Mining Combustion Services

Combustion Engineering Specialising in the Mineral Sands Industry

MCS is a combustion engineering company specialising in the mineral sands industry. Our main focus is the design, manufacture and commissioning of combustion systems to suit fluid bed, rotary and mineral sands dryers, kilns and calciners. We also assist international companies that wish to import industrial gas plants (Type B gas appliances) into Australia to comply with the Australian gas standards. (AS 3814 and local state gas regulations)

Importing Type B gas appliances

We can assist companies bringing large industrial Type B gas appliances into Australia and guide them through the process of receiving compliance with both the local states approval system and the Australian gas standards. To build a gas system in Australia, the design, burner management system and selection of valves must comply with AS 3814 and the gas standards / regulations. It is important to be involved from the earliest possible time of design to ensure we can deliver on all areas of compliance to avoid any design changes further into the project.

Combustion design / BMS

We can design combustion systems to meet your own application and process requirements, whether a new system, replacement, upgrade or modifications. We can also design BMS systems to control the combustion system from a Safety PLC, showing graphic screens of P&ID, trending, start-up sequence and fault status for easy diagnostics and fault finding. Traditional hard-wired burner controllers systems are also available and are more cost-effective on smaller projects.

Gas and oil combustion systems

We manufacture gas or oil combustion systems specifically for the mining industry using the highest quality components. We can supply new, upgrade or replacement, or do modifications to current systems to suit your individual requirements. We would normally supply fully welded fuel and flanged trains to AS5601 and AS 4041 c/w manufacturing data reports with full traceability and test certificates.

Commissioning of natural gas or LPG on a Type B gas appliance

The commissioning is done in conjunction with the regulatory bodies that approve the installation and give the final approval and sign-off of the gas appliance. Only a Type I gas licence holder can perform the commissioning of natural gas or LPG on a Type B gas appliance.

Gas audits / upgrade / increase plant output

We can do plant inspections on fluid bed and rotary dryers, calciners and kilns to look at increasing plant production, increasing percentage availability of equipment, improve efficiency and automation options.

An in-depth report can be made on gas compliance status, together with any recommendations to improve overall safety.

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