ATCO Structures & Logistics announced today that it has become a distributor of blast-resistant inflatable shelters and ballistic-resistant barriers for military and civilian response. Patented by Dynamic Air Shelters of Calgary, both products are unique.

“These blast-resistant structures and ballistic-resistant barriers are an important addition to our product line,” said Harry Wilmot, President & Chief Operating Officer, ATCO Structures & Logistics. “Given that they can be set up quickly and easily transported, they are ideal for the defence sector. They also provide a rapid response solution to governmental and non-governmental organizations following a natural disaster.”

Air beams and a patented load transferring system contribute to the shelters’ unique blast-resistant technology. They have been field tested to withstand explosions of 10psi with a duration of 15ms. The shelters are also resistant to severe weather, from 165km/h winds to heavy snow loads. They are equally functional in temperatures between -55 C and +70 C.

The optional ballistic-resistant protection wall has also been independently tested and can withstand hundreds of ballistic impacts. The wall can be used in conjunction with the shelter or as a stand-alone barrier.

ATCO Structures & Logistics currently provides operational support services to the International Security Assistance Force lead by NATO in Afghanistan. Additionally, ASL has provided shelter and real-life support services following natural disasters, most recently to the Government of Haiti.

Dynamic Air Shelters has been manufacturing inflatable shelters for 14 years. Its products have been used around the world.