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Ace Camp Solutions

Mobile Trailers and Modular Buildings

494-498 Boundary Street,
Toowoomba 4350,

494-498 Boundary Street,
Toowoomba 4350,

Ace Camp Solutions lead

Ace Camp Solutions produces and delivers customised, state-of-the-art mobile trailers and modular buildings, which accommodate remote camps and construction camp projects.

Our solutions are engineered to meet the demands of remote locations and constructed to provide the strength, quality and comfort that are required for modern workforce camps.

Our robust trailer-mounted camps come complete with our patented one-level deck solution, hydraulic decks and are built for Australia’s tough conditions, offering many benefits. Our modern robust camp design features many low-maintenance, easy change-over products and also boasts to leave a marginally smaller carbon footprint compared with other mobile camp providers.

Our internal finishes are also second to none. We consider that our new model camp is the safest, fastest, budget-friendly mobile camp on the market to mobilise and demobilise.

‘Plug & Play’ mobile camps and facilities

We provide a number of ‘plug & play’ facilities, such as:

  • Specialised mobile trailer camps
  • Specialised trailer mounted crib / project offices
  • Permanent camps
  • Container-built buildings

Our products highlight a number of safety and environmentally friendly features, including LED lighting, an optional jet toilet system, increased insulation, weatherproofed-shaded walkways and waste treatment plants.

We also configure camp and modular unit layouts to suit the individual requirements of the client.

Customisable container modules

Ace Camp Solutions’ products are built with the robust engineering of a shipping container, but can be furnished to suit a wide range of budgets, from basic to five-star hotel standards.

The buildings are also clad externally in any finish to make them suitable for the location in question and its surroundings. All modules, equipment, fixtures and fittings are designed and produced in accordance with Australian design standards and government regulations.

Benefits of Ace Camp Solutions’ modular buildings include:

  • Easily and quickly installed and transported
  • Better, easier changeover and low-maintenance products used in facilities
  • Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable & homely surrounds
  • Robust with optional high-end finishes
  • Well-insulated/fire-rated
  • Damp-proof
  • Customisable interiors that suit the client’s specifications and budgets

Applications for mining and remote camps and the armed forces

Ace Camp Solutions’ containers are designed to suit various applications, including permanent mining camps, fly camps or remote camps for workers.

Containers can also be used as additional accommodation or site offices, in addition to caravan park cottages and facilities for the armed forces.

Ace Camp Solutions Pty Ltd

494-498 Boundary Street

Toowoomba 4350