DRS Australia On-Site Optimisation Solutions for the Mining Industry

Design and Research Services (DRS) Australia offers design, research and product development solutions forthe mining sector.

Our products aim to optimise the service life of industrial assets while optimising component performance and return on investment.

Cotton reel roller frames for belt tracking applications

The DRS Cotton Reel Roller Frame is a purpose-built, adjustable standalone unit that surpasses industry standards for belt tracking mitigation devices.

The frame effectively controls belt tracking, which minimises spillage and belt wear, as well as reduces hard and soft skirt wear. The results are a cleaner, safer and more efficient mine site.

The roller frames offer a robust design and material selection to deliver a high-quality performance. They also comply with all relevant conveyor Australian standards and engineering certification for specific requirements can be provided.

Training plates for conveyor belts and chutes

DRS can provide training plates in tungsten carbide overlay, ceramic, Ni-hard, bisalloy, plastics, rubber tiles, or cast steels to suit your requirements.

Training plates raise the cleanliness, safety and productivity of mining sites, while decreasing overall running costs.

They offer a cost-effective solution and high central material concentration to suit a wide range of belts and chutes. Ore flow has to be observed and understood to ensure the best possible designed part that will work with specific variables.

Customisable DRS hydraulic training plates allow for on-the-run adjustment for belt loading as the chute wears to ensure central loading and reduced spillage, wear and downtime. They can also be adjusted during normal operation with no additional labour, crane costs or safety issues.

Conveyor and machine guarding systems

Guarding is mandatory and necessary for maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. With the updates to AS 4024, it is now compulsory for guarding to only be removed with the use of a tool.

DRS can assist with auditing of your guarding requirements by designing, manufacturing and installing a suitable system for the workplace.

A DRS Guarding System is supplied with a fully captured locking system that eliminates dropped fixtures. It has an easy Allen Key removal, which ensures a fast turnaround and no unexpected delays when replacing.

We can also supply the necessary components to retrofit a DRS Locking System to a site’s existing guarding, and our DRS Guarding Panel Systems are available in steel mesh, perforated plate, Perspex or polycarbonate sheeting.

The DRS Guarding System complies with Australian Standards and supplied to your requirements of engineering, surface treatment, document control and project management.

Triple-impact frames

The DRS Triple Impact Frame reduces the ‘wave’ wear pattern typically found at hard skirting.

It is designed to reduce downtime, shut times and costs to the owner. With its innovative and patented drop-down design, the structure drops between the stringers to allow more head and shoulder room, resulting in an easier, safer and quicker roller replacement process.

There is also reduced product compression between the skirt and belt, as well as a decrease in friction and daily running costs

Hydraulic drop-down return idler systems

The DRS Hydraulic Drop-Down Return Idler System enables you to replace individual return rollers as they approach or soon after failure without stopping the belt or obtaining confined space permits.

This reduces costly unplanned downtime and the potential risk of damage from seized or damaged return rollers or pre-emptively changing out rollers.

The DRS Hydraulic Drop Return Idler System complies with all relevant Australian Standards for conveyor safety and machine guarding.

Capture and control systems for spillages

DRS has extensive experience in designing spillage capture and control systems for specific environments.

We aim to design a solution that will fit the area, capture the spilt product and control its movement to a pick-up point or local process sump.

Our spillage capture and control systems help you to achieve a safer, more efficient mine site by prolonging belt life while reducing running and clean-up costs, as well as downtime.

We can comply with your site standards in relation to engineering, surface treatment, document control and project management.

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