Zappshelter Flexible Protective Covers for Industrial Applications

Zappshelters are a revolutionary range of covered structures offering protection for people, products and plant in any location globally.

They are designed and engineered for multiple applications in the mining, construction, transport and defence industries, and have been installed in locations as remote as Ghana and Mexico.

Engineered for the world’s harshest climates, the Zappshelter create rapid and cost-effective on-site covered areas. They are available in a range of standard widths, and the lengths are designed in conjunction with standard shipping containers. However, any size can be manufactured to order.

Protect what matters

Rapid and easy to install, the innovative Zappshelters protect people, products and plant unpredictable, extreme weather conditions, helping to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

They are suitable for a huge range of applications, including fabrication plants, workshops, aircraft hangers and industrial storage areas.

Certified by structural engineers, Zappshelters feature a carefully designed galvanised steel arch construction in conjunction with a resilient fabric membrane to provide rapidly deployed undercover areas in any location.

End wall options for extreme weather protection

Zappshelter end walls are available for additional weather protection in exposed areas.

When working with sensitive equipment or materials, or while applying coatings such as paint or lacquer, it is essential to keep the area dry. Use of Zappshelter end walls achieves this.

The addition of an end wall can also significantly reduce the risk of theft and damage by obscuring the contents of the covered area from the sight of passers-by.

The company offers a number of variants for different levels of protection, and can produce bespoke solutions best suited to each application.

Ease of installation

Zappshelters require only basic equipment and skills to assemble and deploy.

As the structures are often needed to be installed in remote areas, each component has been designed to enable easy connections, using a basic set of practical skills and some simple access equipment.

Zappshelters can be added to, dismantled and relocated without difficulty, and are designed to provide many years of excellent service.

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Weather is a factor that every business has to consider and allow for. There is no industry unaffected by it in some shape or form.

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Weather is a factor that every business has to consider and allow for. There is no industry unaffected by it in some shape or form.

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