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The Difference Between Dry And Wet Batch Concrete Plants: Introducing The ECOMIX

The only two broad categories of batching plants that matter is the dry mix batching concrete plant and the wet batching concrete plant. Each of these kinds of machines is used to produce concrete but the key difference lies in the way that wet batching plants can produce concrete without help. Dry machines, however, need to work with a mixer first. Stay tuned for more aspects that separate these two batching categories.

Technical Differences

Aside from the different appearances that wet and dry concrete batching machines have, the only difference in configuration is that wet plants have a mixing engine-twin shaft concrete mixer. Whereas, dry plants do not.

When it comes to dry plants, they are made up of the batching machine, storage silos, the belt conveyor, etc. This makes its structure a compact one.

Wet batching plants can be further divided into the belt conveyor batch plant and the skip hoist concrete plant. Both these types of wet batch plants have aggregate batching machines, weighing systems, cement silos, screw conveyors and twin shaft concrete mixers. The differences between these two sub-groups are minimal.

Something that is worth noting when it comes to wet concrete batch plants is that they can either be stationary or mobile. The configuration of each of these types is relatively the same the difference being that one can be moved freely and the other cannot.

Different Perks

The advantage of having a wet batching plant on the job is that you’ll have good quality concrete produced. Paired with this, these machines are also pretty efficient as twin shaft concrete mixers are used, as well as, other high-productivity features. This impacts the high production quality, the low investment and long service life positively.

Now, when referring to the advantages that dry plants bring, there are just as many. These machines are known to be highly efficient in operation and reliably stable during use. Additionally, these machines can be customised depending on what your project needs. These machines are also time savers thanks to the mixing trucks working along with these plants.

There are also machines that exist that work as both wet and dry plants. The ECOMIX is a prime example of this as a machine that can be used for wet and dry tails for underground Minefill paste and treat contaminated soils. A little background on this relatively new plant, it’s used to produce Minefill paste and treat contaminated sludge and soils. The main features include the extraction system with chains and shovels, as well as, the inclined bin walls that are covered in special material. These two characteristics allow for the correct extraction and descent of sticky and difficult materials.

Manufactured for both batch and continuous mixing, the storage hoppers can also be customised as one or two depending on the materials that need to be treated and the type of mixer required.

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