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Batchcrete International

Batching Solutions for the Mining and Construction Industries

Unit 1/9 Bessemer Way,
W.A. 6065 ,

Batchcrete provides batching solutions for the construction and mining industries, covering design, construction and installation.

As a manufacturer of original equipment (OEM), we focus on providing an integrated and practical design to achieve high quality and cost-effective mechanical solutions that deliver high levels of performance, practicality, productivity and safety.

Environmentally friendly mining equipment

Our products are quality assured, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. We can even provide them to remote locations.

Designed and built to customer requirements, our products include:

  • Fixed and mobile concrete batch plants from 20m³ to 300m³ a hour
  • Silos from 10t to 3,000t vertical and mobile horizontal
  • Mobile minefill paste plants
  • Mobile blending plants
  • Hydrated lime systems
  • Quicklime systems
  • Mobile grout plants
  • Dispensing systems
  • Planetary and twin shaft mixers

Batchcrete can also offer tailor-made alternatives to large batching equipment and mixers. Options include:

  • Rate per cm³ output
  • Dry hire
  • Leasing
  • Wet hire with operators

Our management systems address responsibilities, communication processes, document control and operational procedures. We also regularly review environmental performances and provide processing equipment suited to specific needs.

Our products are highly mobile and suitable for constricted spaces, with a small on-site footprint. They are environmentally friendly and produce no chemical waste emissions. We make each item safe to your site specifications by analysing your current processes and requirements.

In addition to our manufactured products and complete batch plant systems, we offer components such as augers, pumps, agitators, silos and mixers.

Comprehensive support, installation and maintenance services

Our consultants can design and recommend systems that are generally cost-efficient, safe, accurate and quality assured, resulting in reduced labour requirements.

Batchcrete also offers a comprehensive inventory of spare parts on-site in factory stores.

All equipment is warranted and factory-tested prior to delivery, as well as installed on-site, to offer quality assurance.

Integratable production and dosing systems for the mining industry

We design and build automated dosing units and complete production line systems for the commercial paving industry. We specialise in systems conducive to the manufacture of concrete or paste-fill from brown or greenfield platforms.

We have developed production line systems that alleviate manual handling, deliver precise measurement and provides automation. Our CE-compliant machines are designed and built to the highest standard by experienced mechanical engineers.

Batchcrete systems can be integrated with specialised equipment for the production of items such as reconstituted limestone blocks, cement blocks or the production of soak wells.

Mobile technicians for on-site support

Batchcrete technicians are mobile and provide ongoing support while limiting the impact on existing operations.

They can study factory layouts, provide condition reports on existing equipment, and recommend and design systems to deliver increased productivity. They also provide technical advice when needed and on-site training for your staff.

Trained sales staff can meet with customers on-site to provide effective solutions or improvements to productivity. Their capabilities include reporting and assessments, repairs and modifications to existing systems, recommending and designing new systems, installation, staff training and after-sales services and support.

About Batchcrete

Batchcrete International is a locally based company in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

We began trading as an entity in 1998 and evolved as a business via a modern and progressive engineering company established in Perth.

Batchcrete’s directors have been involved in the engineering and construction industry for more than 30 years. We remain committed to the continued development of the company’s products and natural growth through repeated and new business opportunities.

Mixing and Batching Solutions

Batchcrete International commenced trading as an entity in 1998 and evolved as a business via a modern and progressive engineering company established in Perth.

Batchcrete International Pty Ltd.

Unit 1/9 Bessemer Way


W.A. 6065


Batchcrete International

PO Box 1159


W.A. 6947