Nivek’s 100th TED Leaves Production Floor

This week saw an impressive milestone for Nivek Industries, with their 100th TED leaving the production floor.

TED, the only remote-controlled, all-terrain, belly plate jack on the market, was invented out of necessity after a slip nearly caused Kevin Cant to join a large number of fitters who have lost their lives due to belly plate crush injuries.

TED 100 has come a long way from the hand cut chassis of the TED 001 prototype made in Kevin’s back garage in 2011. In addition to a more stylish, laser cut design, TED now has more safety features such as strobe lights, a double-locking hydraulic system, (originally single), and a double start solenoid.

The hydraulic pump/motor has been replaced with a superior design, boasting higher energy-efficiency. The original radio has been superseded by the robust magnetic system, with its enhanced durability helping it endure the harsh mining and earthmoving environments.

The most remarkable evolution of TED, over the past few years though, is its versatility. With an ever-growing range of smart attachments, TED can now be used for a limitless range of maintenance and repair applications.

TED can now be utilised with a tyre handler, cutting-edge replacement tool, low-profile adjustable fork tyres, rhino attachment, the track roller carrier, pivot table, sump support, and the slope jig.

With these attachments, TED can now be used to help take the weight out of jobs like Y-link removal, changing track rollers, brake cylinder repairs, moving heavy stands around under plant machinery, rolling cleaning and refitting of cutting edges, sump removal, the applications are infinite.

Nivek Industries have cemented their position in the market with TEDs now found working hard on more than 60 mine-sites across Australia, and around the world, with distributors in the US, Canada, South Africa, Mongolia, Chile and Russia.

Throughout the numerous changes and upgrades along the way, the underlying premise has, and will always remain the same: to make fitters’ lives safer and easier.

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