Nivek Industries All-Terrain, Remote-Controlled, Belly Plate Jack for the Mining Industry

Nivek Industries prides itself on quality workmanship and innovative design.

We are best known for our Tracked Elevating Device, often referred to as ‘TED,’ and is the safest way to remove and replace belly plates in the workshop and the field.

Saving fitters from belly plate crush accidents and fatalities

TED is the only remote-controlled, all-terrain, hydraulic, belly plate jack on the market. With a lifting capacity of 800kg, a low-profile design granting access under most plants, an ingenious 360° turntable for ease of lining up bolt holes, and a comprehensive range of attachments, TED has evolved into an invaluable, multipurpose workshop tool.

TED’s remote-control operation means that pit fitters can be completely out of the danger zone the hazardous raising and lowering of suspended components off machinery during repairs. Apart from taking mechanics out of the line of fire from serious crush injuries and fatalities, TED can also help reduce physical fatigue and strain injuries, by reducing manual handling, especially in awkward, confined environments under machinery.

All-terrain capacity responsible for enormous efficiency increases

Being all-terrain is what really sets TED apart efficiency-wise.

According to Paul Bullock, Maintenance Supervisor at HVO coal mine in NSW Australia, “It’s out in the field that TED really comes into his own, possibly saving up to four shifts of downtime.”

“Many of the machines in the pit that would normally have been down for multiple shifts have been dealt with in a timely, safe manner.”

Being able to safely repair machines in the pit, can provide significant savings on float costs, avoiding large amounts of costly downtime, thus keeping production moving smoothly.

Pit-equipped dependability at a moment’s notice

It’s very simple to transport TED between the workshop and field or pit, either on the back of a ute, or in a pit rescue trailer (also available from Nivek Industries). TED can be loaded quickly and easily using ramps, or just lifted on with a forklift or crane.

The TED home, designed with fork lifting points and tie-down anchors, allows you to transport TED with up to 14 attachments in an organised manner, enabling your fitters to have all the essentials at their fingertips even in the field.

TED comes standard with metal tracks and a blade on the front to create a flat surface to work under machines in the field or pit. If you’re planning to use TED in tandem, with one in the field and one dedicated to the workshop, neoprene coated tracks are available for workshop specific TEDs to decrease the risk of scratching to concrete floors.

Take the weight out of infinite maintenance tasks

Countless maintenance jobs are becoming increasingly easier with numerous smart attachments available, improving safety and raising efficiency on jobs such as changing and rotating cutting edges, pushing heavy stands around under machines, tyre changes, Y-link removal, sump removal, working on steer cylinders and a multitude of other heavy, awkward maintenance jobs.

For more information on these, check our TED product page, or go to the Nivek website in the contact details below and let us help you send your fitters home safely.

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Press Release

Nivek Industries is Expanding and We’re Looking for Distributors

With major growth here in Australia and internationally in the past 18 months, we are looking for distributors to service the interest we are experiencing.

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Smart Attachments for Mining and Earthwork Fitters

According to information collected by Safe Work Australia, tradies are only 30% of the workforce, yet they account for 58% of serious injury claims, meaning that they have a serious injury rate approximately three times than other occupations on average.

Nivek Industries

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Press Release

29 November 2017

With major growth here in Australia and internationally in the past 18 months, we are looking for distributors to service the interest we are experiencing.

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27 October 2017

This week saw an impressive milestone for Nivek Industries, with their 100th TED leaving the production floor.

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5 February 2017

Nivek Industries are pleased to announce a new distributor in Mongolia. Kevin Cant and Derrick Cant, the GM and commercial manager respectively, braved the cold (-38°C) to partake in a week of meetings with in-country candidates. After careful consideration, they decided Wagner Asia Equipment would be their representative in Mongolia.

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15 January 2017

TED was successfully launched into the market in December 2011 and now after being available for domestic purchase for more than five years, many mines are seeing the benefits of having more than one TED in their workshops and around their sites.

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5 December 2016

Nivek Industries are proud to announce they have entered into Distributor Agreements with three international partners; World Class Mining Services in Chile, Wabash MFG in Canada, and Nsimbi Equipment in South Africa.

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Nivek Industries

15 Mathry Close



New South Wales


+61 41 8517 359 +61 42 1036 702

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