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Marr Contracting (‘The Men From Marr’s’) is an industry leader in the design and delivery of heavy-lift luffing craneage services and solutions for the mining, power, oil and gas, large-scale construction, transport infrastructure and marine markets.

Marr Contracting offers a wide range of heavy-lift luffing cranes. Its versatile fleet includes the Marr 40R (M40R), the world’s smallest capacity tower crane, and the Marr 2480D Heavy Lift Luffing (HLL), which is the largest capacity tower crane in the world.

Custom craneage solutions and services for mining applications

Marr Contracting’s expert team supplies heavy-lift crane solutions designed to suit the bespoke requirements of clients and their projects.

Its equipment portfolio includes the world’s largest capacity luffing tower cranes with lift capacity of 330t, complete travel bases, towers, internal and external climbing systems, modular tie systems, and grillages, in addition to accessories such as kibbles, first aid cages, fuel tanks and man boxes.

Additionally, the company provides recovery crane systems, engineering and fabrications services, expert rigging services, on-site maintenance and mechanical repair workshops, as well as industry-compliant safety management systems, and a full suite of project management support to deliver any project.

Heavy-lift luffing cranes for any complex, large-scale project

Marr Contracting’s fleet comprises both mobile and tower cranes to meet the requirements of large-scale and complex projects across any sector. The firm also has the expertise to custom-design cranes to meet specific needs.

In addition, The Men From Marr’s supply project management services, recovery systems, engineering and fabrication services, lift studies and job site planning, as well as maintenance and mechanical repair workshops.

Through investments into new-generation technology, Marr Contracting has also ensured that its equipment and processes are efficient and sustainable while working in collaboration with clients to comply with environmental management policies.

Bespoke craneage solutions for project challenges

The Chevron-operated Gorgon LNG Project is an example of how Marr Contracting is adding value to the way companies such as Chevron are constructing projects.

Located in a remote marine conservation area with adverse climates and wind speeds of up to 400km/h, the project on Barrow Island, Western Australia, faced a number of challenges during construction. The high-cost project had a demanding schedule and stringent system requirements with more than 300 necessary safety and production procedures.

During their first engagement on Gorgon LNG, Marr Contracting’s M2480D HLL crane was used to boost the productivity of the project’s materials offloading facility, reducing unloading time from up to five days to just one.

Marr Contracting subsequently collaborated with project partners to develop additional components and solutions to address the construction challenges posed by the project. Upon completion, the company had minimised crane assembly times, as well as the number of cranes needed. This led to improved safety, site congestion and productivity.

New construction methodology for export wharf infrastructure

Located approximately 40km south of Mackay in Queensland, Australia, the Hay Point Coal Terminal (HPCT) is part of the Port of Hay Point, one of the world’s largest coal export ports.

In 2011, its owner BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) made the decision to expand the HPCT through Stage 3 of the Hay Point Coal Terminal Expansion Project (HPX3) to support the company’s growth strategy and meet the increased throughput capacity demands.

Marr Contracting was awarded the contract to supply five heavy-lift tower cranes and had to design a complete new travelling system to fit on the existing narrow track system to enable increased loadings.

The Men From Marr’s also developed a power travel bogie system that married up with a power travel cruciform base and allowed the cranes to work at full capacity at an 8m rail width.

3D computer modelling technologies were used to simulate crane construction, identify areas where there were access issues, and develop practical solutions to ensure a safe installation environment.

Five different designs by Marr Contracting were successfully installed, operated and removed with no lost-time injuries (LTIs).


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