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New 1in Swivel Fitting Makes Precision Blowoff Easy


EXAIR’s new Model 9204 1in Swivel Fitting makes it easy to precisely adjust the position of our award-winning air nozzles.

With this 303 stainless steel swivel, EXAIR’s powerful, efficient and quiet Super Air Nozzles can be pointed exactly where you need work to be done. A 50° total angle of adjustment provides the movement necessary for your nozzles to be in the best position for maximum effectiveness. The 1in Male x 1in Female swivel will work with any 1in nozzle or fitting regardless if they have a male or female thread.

EXAIR’s Swivel Fitting with Super Air Nozzle delivers a precision, highly focused and forceful blowoff for applications in tight spaces or requiring precision positioning for achieving desired results. The new 1in swivels can be used with 316SS and zinc / aluminium alloy Super Air Nozzles. EXAIR nozzles, from the smallest M4 x 0.5 to the 1in, have been engineered to maximise entrainment of room air while minimising compressed air consumption and swivels are available for all nozzles. Safe operation is assured by meeting OSHA’s standard 1910.242(b) for pressure and OSHA’s noise exposure standard 29CFR – 1910.95(a). EXAIR’s nozzles are also CE compliant.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, swivels can help make your nozzles more effective when replacing existing wasteful nozzles or open tubes, and are ideal for blowoff, cooling and drying applications.

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