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EXAIR Reversible Drum Vacs Now CE Compliant

EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac

EXAIR’s Reversible Drum Vac™ and High Lift Reversible Drum Vac are ideal for the recovery of fluids like coolant, hydraulic oils, sludge and chips, waste water and liquid spills.

After undergoing rigorous testing by an independent laboratory, EXAIR’s Reversible Drum Vacs have been proven to meet the stringent requirements of the European Union in order to be marked as CE compliant.

The Reversible Drum Vacs feature:

  • Standard – high-powered vacuum produces 96in H2O of vacuum and can fill a 205l drum in just 90 seconds. With the turn of a knob, the same stainless steel pump can quickly empty the drum
  • High Lift – perfect for pits, below-grade coolant sumps, deep wells or bulk storage tanks, which require a longer vacuum hose and more power. The High Lift Reversible Drum Vac produces 180in H2O of vacuum and lifts liquid up to 4.6m

Since Reversible Drum Vacs are powered by compressed air, they have no electric motor to wear out and no impellers to clog. In fact, Reversible Drum Vacs have no moving parts, assuring maintenance-free operation.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, Reversible Drum Vacs attach quickly to any closed head 205l drum. For small jobs, a five-gallon Mini Reversible Drum Vac System is also available (drum included, standard unit only).

Reversible Drum Vac Systems include the two-way pump assembly, flexible vacuum hose (38mm ID) with 90˚ quick release elbow connection and an aluminium wand.

Deluxe systems add a drum dolly, vacuum tools, spill recovery kit and tool holder. Premium systems add heavy-duty aluminium tools, spill recovery kit and 6.1m compressed air hose.

Image: EXAIR’s Reversible Drum Vacs are now CE compliant. Photo: courtesy of Compressed Air Australia.

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