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Digital Flowmeters to Wirelessly Measure Air Usage

Digital flowmeters

EXAIR’s new digital flowmeters with wireless capability use a Zigbee® mesh network protocol to measure and monitor your compressed air use, trends, and historical data. Each meter has a range of 30m (100ft) and transmits data to an ethernet-connected gateway. Each meter and gateway are configured for security and have 128-bit encryption for the wireless transmissions. Measuring compressed air is the first step toward identifying high compressed air use areas, compressed air leaks and optimising air use.

Each meter ships with the wireless-to-ethernet gateway, power supplies and installation tools. Compressed air monitoring is made easy by downloading the EXAIRlogger™ software for the digital flowmeters. With this software customers can graph the data, aggregate it to identify air use trends, or use it with other analytic software to effectively monitor air and save money. Airflow values are expressed in standard cubic feet per minute or cubic metres per hour.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, EXAIR’s digital flowmeters with wireless capability for schedule 40 iron pipe are now available in sizes 0.5in, 0.75in, 1in, 1.5in, 2in, 2.5in, 3in and 4in. They are CE and RoHS compliant and can also be ordered for schedule 80, 10S or Type L copper pipe.

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