Becker Mining Systems Introduces New GPS-Based Collision Avoidance System
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Becker Mining Systems Releases New smartdetect GPS-Based Collision Avoidance System

Becker Mining Systems, an international mining technology company, is happy to announce its newest product, smartdetect; a GPS-Based Collision Avoidance System designed to work in surface mining environments.

smartdetect offers vehicle operators the peace of mind needed to perform work efficiently and safely by detecting surrounding vehicles and infrastructure within its range.

“As mining environments can sometimes be unsuspectingly hazardous, smartdetect increases operator awareness by providing them with a full 360° vision of their surroundings,” said Albert Bower, CEO of Becker Varis, the Canadian division of Becker Mining Systems.

“For added reliability and safety, we decided to use state-of-the-art technology for the core of the system and a user-friendly interface with real-time environmental data displayed.”

smartdetect is comprised three key components that work in conjunction; the controller, which contains the ‘brains’ of the system, outdoor cameras installed at the extremities of all vehicles and the touch-screen display to provide the operator with a visual of their surroundings. It is currently available for purchase from Becker Varis.

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