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Becker Mining Systems Launches Remote Blasting System for Mining LTE Infrastructures

Becker Mining Systems, an international mining technology company, is thrilled to announce the newest product in its line of LTE technology, smartblast® LTE; a remote firing system that works in conjunction with mine LTE communication systems. Clients will benefit from smartblast® LTE units as they reduce misfires due to their minimal infrastructure requirements and ease-of-use.

“With the growing presence of LTE technology in the mining sector, we sought to develop a reliable LTE blasting device that wouldn’t require extensive training, all while keeping safety a priority”. Said Albert Bower, CEO of Becker Varis, the Canadian division of Becker Mining Systems. “We trust that our customers will appreciate the product’s simplistic features,” he added.

The 3GPP compliant system is comprised of two units: the Controller (RB1675-M) and the Remote (RB1675-R). The Controller features a historical logbook, safe bi-directional communication with all installed remotes while being able to fire a total of 64 Remotes. Both units are designed to withstand harsh environments while the Remote includes sensors to detect seismic activity. smartblast® LTE is currently available for purchase from Becker Varis.

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