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Becker Mining Systems Releases High-Speed Ethernet Solution for Underground Mine Networks

Becker Mining Systems, an international mining technology company, is thrilled to announce the newest product in its line of underground network offerings, smartethernet; Becker Mining’s solution to Ethernet over leaky feeder.

Clients will benefit from smartethernet as the system works with existing leaky feeder infrastructure and doesn’t require any new infrastructure.

“As clients are integrating new data-based technology into their operations, it’s important to be able to offer an easy-to-install, high-speed Ethernet solution,” Said Albert Bower, CEO of Becker Varis, the Canadian division of Becker Mining Systems.

“We have already received reviews and our customers appreciate the system’s reliability and huge cost-savings” he added.

The system is comprised of three units: the Controller (SC-200), the E-Point (SE-200) and a new amplifier integrated with an Ethernet Repeater (RNG-AMP-RE), which extends the system’s distance. The Controller is connected directly to the network and is the lead unit that manages all E-Points. Both units contain up to four possible ethernet ports for clients to connect their Ethernet-enabled devices (ex: IP cameras). smartethernet is currently available for purchase from Becker Varis.

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