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Innovative Mining Equipment

Niva-Holding is a group of machine-building enterprises that carry out complex projects for the mining and chemical industries.

Zavodskaya Str., 4,
Soligorsk 223710,

Niva-Holding is a group of machine-building enterprises that carry out complex projects for the mining and chemical industries.

Comprising various branches and subsidiaries, we focus on the design, manufacture, and repair of mining, lifting and transport equipment; processing equipment for concentration plants; as well as the production of spare parts, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings.

High-performance equipment for mining and concentration facilities

Over the past 20 years, Niva-Holding’s high-performance equipment has been implemented at mines and concentration plants worldwide.

We currently manufacture and supply a wide range of machinery, including powered roof supports, pumping stations, electric or diesel-powered drilling rigs and related spare parts, as well as transformer substations.

We supply manual, pilot and electro-hydraulic control equipment, scraper loaders and conveyors, load-haul dump (LHD) machines, dump trucks, chain and bucket elevators, hydraulic cylinders and shuttle-cars with various carrying capacities.

Load-haul machines for underground mine environments

Niva-Holding’s LHD machines are operated outside explosive zones of underground mines and drifts, as well as open-pit mining and tunnel construction applications.

With lifting capacities of 7t, 10t or 14t, our LHD machines are designed for loading, transportation, and unloading of blasted or mechanically loosened rocks with a bulk density of up to 2.5t/m³ and a monolithic inclusion diameter of up to 500mm.

Drilling rigs

Niva-Holding’s drilling rigs SBSH ‘Universal’ are designed for drilling vertical and inclined (15˚ and 30˚) blast holes in open-pit mining, and other drilling and blasting operations in rocks with hardness coefficient 4-7 (according to the scale of professor Protodyakonov) in areas with a temperate and cold climate. According to customer requirements, it be can equipped with either with an electric or diesel engine.

The main competitive advantages of our drilling rigs are:

  • Durability and safety
  • Reinforced mast
  • Caterpillar track with increased resource
  • Spacious equipped driver’s cab
  • Dust suppression system (dry/wet)
  • Fast service system

Pumping stations

Niva-Holding’s pumping stations are designed to supply hydraulic powered support systems with working fluid in underground workings hazardous for gas (methane) and dust.

Working fluid is a water-oil emulsion approved for use in hydraulic systems of mining equipment with an additive concentration of 1.5% to 5%.

We configure station automation according to customer requirements.

Turnkey project support

Niva-Holding provides support and completion of turnkey projects, which allows it to be competitive both in the domestic and European markets. This fact is confirmed by the positive feedback from customers of the company’s products.

Production equipped with state-of-the-art machines allows Niva-Holding to produce high-quality equipment with high precision machining.

High quality of our equipment is provided by numerous methods of production process control, including ultrasound and capillary. The use of a robot-controlled welding process excludes the human factor in positioning accuracy, dimension and consistency of welding joints. The quality management system is certified according to occupational safety standards ISO 9001: 2009.

More details on the range of products can be found on our website. We are always ready to consider various customer requirements, develop engineering documentation and manufacture necessary equipment.


Zavodskaya Str., 4

Soligorsk 223710