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Performance Driving Australia

Mine-Site Defensive and Four-Wheel Drive Training Courses

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Performance Driving Australia (PDA) designs and delivers defensive and four-wheel drive (4WD) training in Australia and overseas. The PDA team is friendly, professional and passionate about driving and road safety.

PDA works closely with a registered training organisation (RTO), to provide course participants with nationally recognised qualifications, adding further value and credibility to the training provided.

Mine-site driving training courses

PDA specialises in delivering 4WD and mine-site training anywhere in Australia.

The company’s trainers are located in each corner of the country and in most cases can be on site with short lead time. Our most common courses delivered on-site are:

  • PDA one-day defensive 4WD course – defensive driving (gravel driving) and a basic introduction to 4WD operation. The course is suitable for all mine employees as the training is a great introduction to defensive driving. Can include RIIVEH201D Operate Light Vehicle
  • PDA two-day defensive 4WD course – as above but with more time to allow more practical training; includes a variety of recovery situations and is suited to drivers who leave formed tracks or drive on soft road surfaces. Can include RIIVEH201D Operate Light Vehicle, RIIVEH305D, Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle and PMASUP236B Operate Vehicles in the field.
  • Trailer towing – safe trailer towing operations

Mine-site 4WD training courses

PDA offers mine-site specific 4WD training courses for gravel / surface operations, underground operations, off-site (advanced 4WD operations), as well as recovery, mechanical, and survival training.

Defensive and 4WD training courses for the mining industry

PDA’s one-day defensive and 4WD training course is ideal for drivers operating 4WDs for work or pleasure. It includes defensive driving, basic 4WD operation and recovery equipment.

Students will cover the following topics: concentration and attitude, risk taking behaviour, fatigue awareness and time management, effects of speed, vehicle loading, and many more. Skills learnt from the course include:

  • Emergency stops on hard road surfaces at various speeds
  • Emergency stops on gravel road surfaces at various speeds
  • Operation on soft sand / mud
  • Operation on off-road tracks
  • Safely climbing and descending
  • Using recovery equipment
  • Optional – river / water crossing

After the course, drivers will be able to demonstrate the ability to identify and avoid hazards on the road, apply emergency braking techniques on and off-road, apply defensive driving techniques; understand the effects of alcohol / drugs / fatigue; understand correct tyre pressures and when to alter them; apply correct 4WD techniques off-road; and safely operate recovery equipment.

Off-road defensive and 4WD training courses

Performance Driving Australia’s two-day defensive and 4WD course is suited to drivers that are new to 4WD operation or want to gain confidence in a variety of off-road operating conditions and recovery equipment. The course can include practical driving experience in:

  • Gravel roads (smooth) and / or sealed roads (wet)
  • Sandy / desert roads / river crossings (where possible)
  • Off-road operation (hi-low range operation over a variety of terrain)
  • Vehicle recovery

The course can include practical experience with vehicle pre-start checks, basic maintenance, roadside repairs (including tyre changing) and battery jump-start. The main difference between this course and the one-day course is the available time to cover items in detail – in particular off-road operation and recovery.

Mine-site defensive driver training courses

The PDA defensive driver training course has been developed to provide drivers with an increased understanding of the risks associated with operating vehicles in a variety of environments.

The course takes into consideration the requirements for employers and employees under WHS legislations and has been designed to closely follow guidelines set by the Office of Road Safety, ATSB, WorkSafe, and the RTA.

Defensive driver courses for safe mine-site driving

PDA has identified that most car crashes are associated with disregard to road conditions, speeding, driving when tired, trip and time management, not wearing seat belts and vehicle loads. This course includes theory and practical sessions to develop safe driving behaviour.

Students will learn how to achieve a safe emergency stop on a wet road, apply hazard-avoidance techniques, experience the effect of speed on stopping distance, apply vision skills, and apply correct car-control techniques.

Following completion of the course, it is expected that all drivers will be able to demonstrate a range of skills, including how to apply defensive driving techniques, an awareness of how risk taking and motivation can affect your safety on the road, how to identify potential hazards and avoid them, and many more.

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