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Heat Trap Solar

Chilled Water Showers and Chillers for the Mining Industry

Unit 5-7, 37 Howe Street,
Osborne Park,
WA 6017 Australia

Unit 5-7, 37 Howe Street,
Osborne Park,
WA 6017 Australia

Heat Trap Solar provides water temperature solutions for mine workers in hot environments.

Our chilled water showers are developed to reduce stress and depression experienced by personnel working in high temperatures while increasing alertness, energy and circulation.

Our eye/face wash safety shower chillers/heaters ensure safety showers are safe to use all year around.

In addition, our engineers support and work with mine operators to conduct site surveys and desktop audits, as well as to help identify and resolve problem areas.

Cool-Off chillers for mining camps and residences in the Tropics

Our Cool-Off chiller solution enables mining personnel to shower with cool running water, making it suitable for sites experiencing high temperatures in cold water supplies.

Our 340L Cool-Off Heat Pump chiller can provide sufficient chilled water for 10 minute cold showers for up to eight persons twice a day.

Our Cool-Offs provide an opportunity for employees to enjoy the benefits of a cold shower and for their employers to benefit from happier, calmer and more productive workers.

Benefits available from taking cold showers.

  • Harvard study (reported March April pages 34-35) found absenteeism reduced by 29% in study on effects of cold showers.
  • Increases alertness
  • Builds strong will power
  • Improves emotional resilience
  • Improves skin and hair
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Improves circulation
  • Energises deep breathing
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves immunity
  • Speeds muscle recovery
  • Increases testosterone
  • Improves fertility
  • Drains the lymphatic system

Chillers for emergency safety showers

Heat Trap Solar’s skid-mounted chiller comprises a pressurised tank of chilled water, a temperature-modulating control mechanism and a pumped recirculation system with an ultraviolet (UV) steriliser.

The chiller is installed between the main potable water supply and one or more emergency safety showers and can be provided with an integral factory-fitted eyewash safety shower. The thermostatically controlled refrigeration system cools and maintains the stored water at a temperature between 4°C and 6°C.

The Heat Trap Safety shower chiller continuously sterilises and regulates the temperature of the water recirculating between the chiller and the attached emergency safety showers. A temperature-mixing device downstream of the chilled water tank mixes incoming hot water with stored chilled water to provide cooler flushing water within the tepid range of 15.6°C to 37.8°C for a minimum of 15 minutes.

The Heat Trap Safety Shower Chillers can also be supplied with chilled drinking water dispensers.

On-site safety review surveys and audits

Heat Trap Solar engineers are available to conduct accompanied site surveys to review the status of installed eyewash safety shower systems.

We also make recommendations on how to resolve issues involving insufficient flow, excess temperature and piping dead legs, which can lead to high risk levels of bacteria.

These recommendations can form part of a detailed report on each eyewash safety shower, including the remedial work steps and the cost of the equipment required.

Heat Trap Solar also provides after-sales support by proposing specific solutions to allow clients to develop accurate budgets for the necessary improvements.

About Heat Trap Solar

Heat Trap Solar aims to provide the local Australian community with a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to hot water systems powered by fossil fuels.

Our portfolio includes industry-grade safety shower chillers that are specially designed to ensure the safety of Australian mine site workers.

We have now supplied our safety shower chillers to company sites such as:

  • RIO Rail Karratha
  • RIO Rail Cape Lambert
  • RIO Iron Ore Ports Cape Lambert
  • Newcrest Telfer
  • Altura Pilgangoora
  • Mineral Resources Wodgina
  • RIO Iron Ore Paraburdoo
  • Glencore Ernest Henry Mine
  • South 32 Cannington Mine
  • Laminex Gympie
  • FMG Cloudbreak

Heat Trap Solar

Unit 5-7, 37 Howe Street

Osborne Park

WA 6017