Oil-Resistant, High-Performance Mats for Forklifts

GenieGrips® Mats have been specifically designed for exceptional grip and load stability.  They are constructed from a carefully selected rubber compound that is incredibly strong, non-marking and oil resistant.

Features of GenieGrips® Mats include:

  • A 12-month warranty on the product
  • The ability to withstand temperatures of up to 110⁰C.
  • A patterned anti-slip surface that prevents sliding in the event of fast movement or a sudden stop
  • High visibility yellow for safety at night and during the day
  • A secure lock-in hook mechanism that makes for quick and easy installation and removal

Available in a range of common lengths and widths to fit most fork tines, GenieGrips® can be made to meet food grade certifications. The hinges and hooks can be made from stainless steel and the rubber components made from UV-resistant rubber.

They offer protection against loss and damage to goods, due to load shifting and sliding off forklift tines, making them suitable for:

  • Industry applications
  • Finished goods
  • Chemicals and lubricants
  • Food and beverage
  • Narrow passages
  • General warehouse storage
  • Frozen and refrigerated items
  • Metal and plastic

GenieGrips® Mats are the smarter, safer way to transport goods by forklift. They function as a protective mat that covers the tops and sides of a forklift tine, as well as prevent loads shifting, slipping and falling during transport. They are easy to fit and remove, providing an effective inexpensive way of minimising instances of damage to products.

The mats are manufactured from bright yellow, compound rubber that features a patented anti-slip tread, providing exceptional grip and stability. This material is oil-resistant, non-marking, and can withstand temperatures from -40⁰C to 110⁰C, ensuring that your goods are transported safely and securely minimising the risk of injury or damage.

GenieGrips® Mats are designed for all industry sectors and any business involving materials handling. They offer unbeatable performance and exceptional longevity. Available in various lengths and widths, our forklift mats are suitable for all kinds of forklift tynes, big or small.

We would be happy to discuss your particular needs and develop a mat to suit your needs. Simply contact us to inform us of your requirements and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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