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Anti-Slip Solutions and Accessories for Forklifts

5 Kimberly Road,
Dandenong South,
VIC 3175 Australia

GenieGrips® develops durable, high-quality, steel-reinforced rubber caps, mats and cushions for forklift tines to enable safe, secure and stable load transportation.

Suitable for forklift wholesalers, aftermarket sales and materials handling businesses, our high-performance, long-lasting products are designed to minimise the risk of loads slipping off forklifts or becoming unstable during transport.

Our tyne specialists have manufactured a range of effective, affordable and innovative products to reduce the risk of damage and injury within the workplace.

Forklift attachments for handling materials and loads

GenieGrips products safely handle items such as metal and plastic goods, oils, lubricants, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), chemicals and food items. They also protect finished goods and moving loads on narrow, steep, ramped or uneven surfaces.

Capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F), our mats, caps and cushions are also suitable for frozen and refrigerated environments. Our clients in the food industry use our solutions to transport plastic palletised loads in cold storage because our patented rubber mats ensure that the containers do not slip off during transport.

Slip prevention products for forklifts

In Canada, our customers use GenieGrips mats, caps and cushions to stabilise loads and secure pallets in adverse conditions.

When transporting metal or plastic products, a strong grip is critically important as bare metal on metal tines can be extremely unstable and loads can fall off, causing potential damage to the product or personnel.

GenieGrips are ideal for moving metal and plastic forklift loads, ranging from IBCs and silages, to galvanised and fabricated metal components. Our patented products offer a high-performance grip to ensure safety and damage-free goods.

Anti-slip mats for forklift tines

GenieGrips anti-slip mats are specifically designed for high-quality grip and load stability. They are developed using a carefully selected rubber compound, which is extremely strong, non-marking and resistant to oil.

Our mats can withstand temperatures of up to 110˚C and feature a patterned anti-slip surface that prevents sliding during transportation. Featuring a bright yellow colour, our mats are also safe to use at night and a secure lock-in hook mechanism enables quick and easy installation and removal.

Forklift protection caps

GenieGrips caps are made with a yellow compound rubber that is affixed to a reinforced steel frame, which facilitates visibility and safety at all times.

Easy to fit and remove, our caps are purposely designed to prevent damage by forklift tynes during transit.

Forklift cushions for minimal friction

GenieGrips cushions eliminate absorption impact and friction that may occur during lifting, loading and placing of loads, especially over uneven surfaces.

Designed to act as a bumper, they are fitted with powerful, easy-to-fit magnets to secure them on the forklift tine.

GenieGrips cushions are specifically designed to be paired with our mats or caps to provide full forklift tine protection.

Forklift tyne protection solutions

GenieGrips products effectively prevent punctures, tearing or damage to merchandise during lifting and moving.

Our mats and caps cover the tip of each tine, which provide a soft surface that won’t damage products while they are lifted. They are ideal for moving IBCs as they prevent punctures and stop it from sliding off bare metal tines.

About GenieGrips

GenieGrips is an Australian-owned family business, which focuses on providing effective forklift safety products worldwide.

All of our products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards to ensure high-quality management.

GenieGrips® Caps

GenieGrips® Caps are constructed of bright, high-visibility yellow compound rubber bonded to a reinforced steel frame, making them easy to see during the day or night to ensuring safety always.

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors for forklifts eliminate critical blind spots in the driver’s vision and give a clear view of the tynes, reducing accidents, injury and damage to goods.

GenieGrips® Mats

GenieGrips® Mats have been specifically designed for exceptional grip and load stability.

GenieGrips® Cushions

GenieGrips® Cushions function as a bumper that magnetize to the forklift tyne carriage.

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors are a mirror-based system that allows drivers to see around the load and sight the tynes.

Forklift Safety Product Solutions

GenieGrips Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated manufacturing company with nearly 40 years experience in the rubber moulding and bonding industry.