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FSP Australia

Manufacturers of Safety Barriers, Hole Savers, Extinguisher Cabinets and Vehicle Brackets

20 Octal Street,
QLD 4207 Australia

FSP Australia produce safety crowd control barriers, fire extinguisher box cabinets, wheel motor covers, hole savers for drill and blast operations, vehicle extinguisher brackets and cases, as well as cable plug protectors for mining sites.

We also create products in a wide range of colours to suit a customer’s specific safety and aesthetic needs.

Working with our clients from the outset to understand their requirements, we utilise our engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide an optimum solution for our customers.

With factories and distribution centres worldwide, we aim to provide services, products and results to fit customers’ requirements.

Safety crowd control barriers for mining environments

FSP manufactures durable and safe crowd control barriers for construction sites and major events.

With soft edges and corners for operative and crowd safety, they are easily installed by one person (18kg). The safety barrier fences are interlocking for stability and are easily moved, UV stable, heavy-duty and durable.

With a 15-year warranty, they are ideal for the rental / hire market and for heavy-duty construction and mining environments.

They are stackable for easy and economical transport, and can even be made in corporate or event colours.

There are no barriers to choosing FSP products for your company.

Fire extinguisher box cabinets

At FSP, we work with the industry to solve problems with innovative products and solutions.

Our range of fire extinguisher box cabinets is a prime example of fulfilling a customer’s requirements. We offer a non-rusting cabinet with a UV stable, high-quality polyethylene construction and a 15-year warranty.

Added extra features, optional weatherproofing and adaptability for multiple fire extinguisher brands are available in our box-style fire extinguisher cabinets.

We also offer a site glass gauge, and locking and non-locking handles options.

Wheel motor covers

One of FSP’s most popular original products, the wheel motor cover was created from a concern for mining trucks’ wear and tear on their wheel motors.

The flexible nature of polyethylene reduces damage from rocks and tyre impact from other mining equipment, prolonging the service life of your equipment.

The flexibility, strength and durability of FSP Wheel Covers make them a leader in the mining industry.

To reduce costs and downtime, the new and improved quick-release convenient inspection window now makes inspections faster and easier than ever.

Hole savers for drill and blast operations

FSP’s hole savers or drill hole plugs are designed to maintain the integrity of holes on blasting sites and prevent foreign matter from entering drill / boreholes.

Blow-moulded from polypropylene plastic, our hole savers and drill hole plugs are available in a range of colours for easy on-site identification before and after the blast. A variation in collars also offers different stacking options.

Vehicle extinguisher brackets and cases

FSP Australia listened to the industry and developed a unique product to solve a common issue. Customers needed to protect their fire extinguishers in outdoor dusty and wet environments.

Our clear vehicle extinguisher bracket and case is weather-sealed to withstand adverse conditions. Supported by a 15-year warranty, our engineers designed the vehicle extinguisher bracket for mining environments to save time and money for the customer.

It is also compatible with the common 9kg fire extinguisher and ideal for use on all mining transport equipment.

Cable plug protectors

Our cable plug protectors is rotationally moulded from polyethylene for strength and durability is a unique product that protects expensive cables on mining sites.

The cable plugs’ specialised design aims to reduce terminal damage, protecting against rock damage, high wall recovery and accidental damage during transport.

They are also UV and impact-resistant, as well as feature a multi-fit design.

About FSP

FSP products grew from the mining industry with the first product in 1996 – an upgrade of ‘engine covers’ for Caterpillar Mining trucks across Australia.

Our FSP engine cover was established from a safety requirement to protect the drivers in the event of a fire. Our innovated mindset of a focus on safety and durability has grown the company into what it is today.

FSP’s innovative approach to problem-solving, and their ability to design and manufacture products that focus on safety and durability has enabled the company to grow into the respected market leader that now has a global supply capacity.

Safety Crowd Control Barriers

A solid practical construction safety panels to prevent pedestrians from entering dangerous zones at construction or mining sites.

Wheel Motor Covers

FSP's wheel motor cover was born out of a concern for mining trucks wear and tear on their wheel motors.

Hole Savers

Hole savers for drill and blast operations.

Drill and Blast Hole Savers

FSP Australia has manufactured quality plastic (polyethylene) products for more than 21 years for the mining industry.

High-Performance Fire Safety Solutions

FSP Australia provides a wide range of fire safety products such as depot boxes, vehicle extinguisher brackets, heavy-duty fire hose reels, and cabinets for extinguishers and water hoses.

Interlockable Safety Barriers

FSP Australia supplies high-performance safety barriers, which includes our innovative Dirt Bag Barrier™.

FSP Australia - Head Office QLD

20 Octal Street


QLD 4207


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FSP Australia - Victoria

67 Elliot Road


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