Dropsafe Dropped Object Prevention Solutions for the Mining Sector

Dropsafe develops a wide range of dropped object prevention products in the mining, oil and gas, power generation and maritime industries.

Designed to maximise incident-free operations and uptime, our solutions protect personnel and equipment from dropped objects such as handheld devices, unsecured tools and structural components. Our technologies also provide secondary securing for fixtures, including lights, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and speakers, that may come loose.

Dropsafe focuses on innovation-driven design, engineering intelligence and industry collaboration. We also aim to provide the industry with robust, relevant and cost-effective safety solutions.

High-quality stainless-steel nets for overhead fixtures

The Dropsafe Net tethers and secures overhead fixtures to prevent dropped objects falling from height and threatening personal safety.

Developed in collaboration with operations and health and safety professionals, the net offers application-specific solutions for a wide range of fixture types. It enables customers to improve workplace safety and minimise risks to operational integrity.

More than 300 global mining and oil and gas producers and contractors have adopted the Dropsafe Net to protect people against the risk of dropped objects, which highlights the industry’s ongoing drive to consolidate best practice and further improve workplace safety.

The net has achieved type approval from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) under the DOPP+ certification scheme. This certification verifies the manufacturing quality of the product and enables users to demonstrate a commitment to upholding the highest safety standards.

Corrosion-resistant polymer panels for barrier systems

The Dropsafe Barrier consists of robust high-grade polymer panels that are secured along the inside of guard railings using a patented universal attachment system. The solution has been engineered to address many of the common challenges experienced with other barrier systems on the market.

Other metal and non-metal barrier systems experience corrosion due to ultraviolet (UV) and chemical exposure. The Dropsafe Barrier retains its impact resistance and structural integrity in harsh environments and is supported by a five-year warranty.

The barrier has gone through three years of development, involving extensive testing and analysis, wind tunnel testing and third-party validation and certification.

Similar to the Dropsafe Net, it has also achieved type approval from ABS under the DOPP+ certification scheme. It is currently the only dropped object barrier system to have achieved this certification.

Steel mesh pouches for handheld objects

The Dropsafe Pouch is a proven solution for preventing handheld objects from becoming dropped objects.

Custom-designed for applications in adverse conditions, the stainless-steel mesh pouch can secure items and be attached to an engineer working at height.

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