Anodyne Services Australia Remote and Hazardous Medical, Health and Emergency Services

Anodyne Services Australia (ASA) is an Australian-based company that specialises in the provision of remote and hazardous medical, health and emergency services. We have experience in operations around the world, including in Iraq, Sudan, Niger, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea (PNG), China and Australia.

ASA’s highly experienced and expert staff are cross-trained and experience in many fields, including the mining industry, giving them a unique situational awareness, allowing them to operate effectively across a variety of challenging medical and cultural environments.

Remote and hazardous medical professionals and project management

ASA can provide health services ranging from a single professional to teams depending on your requirements. We understand not all requirements are the same and can scale the solution to meet your needs. We provide the following remote and hazardous medical, health and emergency services:

  • Health service consultants to provide assessments of your operating environment
  • A single health service officer, doctor, nurse, paramedic or ambulance driver, or a team of professionals consisting of two or more staff
  • Multiple single teams or multiple mixed teams or a combination of both, customised to meet your needs
  • Remote and hazardous medical
  • Remote and hazardous medical professionals
  • Medical support for mining
  • Health training courses for hazardous and remote environments
  • Mining emergency services
  • Mine health management and medical training services
  • Project management

Health training courses for hazardous and remote environments

ASA offers a range of health courses, including but not limited to, remote-area first aid, emergency first response, paramedic re-certification, tactical trauma care and pre-hospital trauma management.

Mine health management and medical training services

ASA has experience in Medical support for mining, including, health management consultancy and training services in PNG, including the following:

  • Health management consultancy, Porgera Gold Mine, PNG, 2005-2007
  • Health management consultancy, Lihir Gold Mine, PNG, 2005
  • Major cyanide medical management training, Porgera Gold Mine, PNG, 2006
  • Health management consultancy, Xstrata Freida River Project, Sandaun province, PNG, 2007
  • Emergency management consultancy and training, Ok Tedi Mine, Tabubil, PNG, 2007

Emergency response services for hazardous and remote areas

ASA is currently providing the following medical, health and emergency response operations in Afghanistan:

  • Airfield medical crash-crew rescue teams, including 911 response at Kandahar airbase, each consisting of a doctor, registered nurse, paramedic and an ambulance driver
  • Medical clinic and emergency response service for the UK government, in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Medical operations coordination, emergency services and medical training in eight regional centres across Afghanistan for the UNDP
  • Accredited by the UN and NATO with access to all civilian and military medical facilities in Kabul for emergency and specialist treatment

Asia-Pacific emergency and medical support services

ASA’s experience with emergency and medical operations in Australia, PNG, the Philippines and China includes the following:

  • Emergency and medical support to maritime border control operations for the Australian border protection and customs service, Australia (current)
  • Medical and emergency health consultancy, Exxon gas pipeline project, PNG (current)
  • National Avian Flu consultancy, Retail Action Working Group, Australia (current)
  • Emergency Management Consultancy, Tampakan Copper Project, Mindanao, the Philippines, 2007
  • Emergency Medical Consultancy, Xietongmen Copper Project, Shigatse, Tibet autonomous region, China, 2007

African emergency and medical services

ASA has provided the following emergency and medical services in Africa:

  • Primary health care – rotary-wing aeromedical evacuation service, Juba, southern Sudan, 2006
  • Emergency management planning and disaster consultancy, Agadez, Niger, 2007

We are confident of our capability to meet your health service requirements, wherever your company is based.

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Medical Training Consultation Supply Chain

ASA has the ability to scale our projects to suit your needs from a single remote area paramedic to nurses and doctors in health clinics, or a mixture of solutions to meet your project requirements. While on-site, our mission is to provide a wide scope of core medical services, training and consulting, with the aim to help in preventing workplace injury and illness.

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