Flotation, Agglomeration and Filtering

7158 S. FLSmidth Drive, Midvale, UT 84047-5559, United States of America

FLSmidth is your one source for the world’s largest installed base of original equipment, offering enhanced performance, increased recoveries, lower energy consumption and proven reliability that is unmatched in the mining and minerals processing industry.

FLSmidth combines its experience in the global market for liquid / solid separation equipment with one of the world’s largest installed bases of original equipment, operating under well-known trademarks (Dorr-Oliver, EIMCO, Shriver, Pneumapress, Krebs, and WEMCO), synonymous with know-how, reliability and performance.

Mineral liquid / solid separation

Few other liquid / solid separation technology suppliers can offer such a broad range of equipment and processes for industrial and environmental applications. This includes vacuum and pressure filtration, mineral flotation, clarification, classification, and thickening equipment, along with OEM quality replacement parts and modernization services.

FLSmidth has over 125 years’ experience and has successfully carried out a number of minerals-related company acquisitions over the past 16 years to continually complement its valued expertise and knowledge, and add to its repertoire of product offerings.

Flotation cells

FLSmidth has long been a pioneer of flotation and is the only supplier that can offer its clients three different technologies: WEMCO®, DORR-OLIVER®, and XCELL™. These three options mean you have greater control over a variety of particle feeds for maximum recovery.

SuperCells™ are large volume flotation cells starting at a 300m³ capacity and are designed around a universal tank. This creates greater flexibility because the tank can accommodate self-aspirated WEMCO mechanisms, or forced-air DORR-OLIVER or XCELL mechanisms.

Flotation cells for mines

Two SuperCells are currently operating at the Rio Tinto’s Copperton copper concentrator in Utah. FLSmidth is currently installing 26 of the WEMCO 300m™ SuperCells for Antofagasta Mineral’s Esperanza plant in Chile, which will be the largest installation of its kind in the world.

FLSmidth continues testing to analyse the differences and benefits of each of the WEMCO, XCell and Dorr-Oliver mechanisms to enable continual improvement on-site and for use in recovery evaluations for other installations. Previous testing has allowed FLSmidth to offer better optimization alternatives in rougher and cleaner stage applications and in both fine and coarse particle recovery.

Sedimentation – thickeners

FLSmidth’s line of Dorr-Oliver and EIMCO sedimentation thickener and clarifier units employ principles of gravity settling and range in sizes from pilot models to as much as 600ft in diameter. They can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as mineral concentrates and tailings, pulp mill wastes, iron and steel mills, and in cement, alumina and chemical plants.

Bridge-supported thickeners

FLSmidth offers bridge-supported thickeners, which are beam or truss-supported units that can be used with light, medium, or heavy-duty applications with diameters available for basins from 2m to 54m. The drive is supported by the bridge and drives the rakes with a center shaft. Underflow is removed from a discharge cone at the bottom-center of the thickener.

Column-supported thickeners

FLSmidth provides column-supported thickeners, supported by a stationary center column of steel or concrete. The center column supports the drive and rake mechanisms, while the truss extending from the center pier to the tank periphery supports the walkway, power lines and feed launder. These units are suitable for basins and raking arms with diameters of up to 600ft (180m). Choice of drive mechanisms and feedwells are available for all our thickeners.

Hi-rate thickeners

Hi-rate thickeners feature patented P-Duc, E-Duc, Dynafloc or Dynacharge feed and flocculation systems in combination with an energy dissipating, deep feedwell to maximize solids settling flux and clarity over conventional thickeners, in a smaller unit area. Raking mechanisms incorporate low drag, high raking efficiency designs to minimize torque at the higher loading rates.

Paste thickening technology for mines

Our paste thickening technology is key to successful tails stacking, mine back-filling, counter-current decantation (CCD) and maximum water and chemical recovery. EIMCO Deep-Cone® paste thickeners deliver thick underflow that approaches the limit of flow ability. They accommodate up to 20 times the solid mass flow and ten times the hydraulic loading of conventional thickeners and out-perform hi-rate and compression type thickeners in producing consistently higher underflow density.

The Dorr-Oliver paste production storage mechanism (PPSM) is a unique device and process designed to "flash thicken" solids to paste consistency, achieving a density between that of a conventional thickener and a filter. The paste viscosity is controlled to permit storage.

Mine clarifier thickeners

EIMCO E-CAT clarifier thickeners provide an innovative patented settling system that packs a liquid-solid separation flowsheet into one vessel. This system consumes a minimum of energy, requires little capital expenditure, and negligible operator attention. The revolutionary E-CAT contains no moving parts and combines optimized flocculation, hi-rate clarification and hi-density thickening in a single compact, rakeless unit.

Vacuum and pressure filters

FLSmidth has manufactured pressure and vacuum filters since 1910. Today FLSmidth offers filtration equipment for minerals processing flowsheets used for concurrent and countercurrent cake formation, cake discharge, washing, dewatering, settling, and drying.

FLSmidth pressure filtration products include a variety of Pneumapress automatic pressure filters, AFP filter presses, Shriver filter presses, Kelly Filters-vertical pressure filters, EIMCO beltpress filters, gravity belt thickeners, Dregs ClariPress filters, white liquor ClariDisc filters, and pressure tube filters.

Vacuum filtration products include horizontal belt filters, vacuum drum filters, vacuum disc filters, horizontal pan filters, pre-coat filters and indexing belt filters.

Metallurgical testing

Since 2008, FLSmidth has been able to offer metallurgical testing services through its acquisition of Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories. Dawson has valued experience in precious metals, base metals and industrial minerals, and now provides testing services.

Customer services

FLSmidth offers worldwide sourcing, process testing, flowsheet development, custom equipment engineering, innovative design, manufacturing, construction, start-up, rebuild services, replacement parts, OEM parts, filter media replacement and system modernizations.

Baobab Phosphate Project

The Baobab phosphate project is a high-grade phosphate rock project located approximately 140km from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, West Africa.

Timok Upper Zone Copper-Gold Deposit

The Timok deposit is part of the Timok copper-gold project located on the eastern side of Serbia, approximately 5km from the Bor mining complex and 250km south-east of Belgrade.

Montepuez Graphite Project

Western Australia-based graphite explorer Battery Minerals owns the Montepuez graphite project, which is located approximately 60km north-west of the town of Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

FLSmidth Receives Order for Two Pipe Conveyors

FLSmidth has received an order worth approximately INR 1,900m (approximately DKK 200m) from a leading Indian steel producer, Tata Steel, to supply two pipe conveyors for the transportation of six million tonnes per year of iron ore over a distance of around 9km from the steel company's Khondbond mines to the railway loading point at Joda in the state of Odisha, located on the east coast of India.

FLSmidth Wins $112m Contract from Vale

FLSmidth has won a contract worth approximately $112m (DKK 658m) from Vale, its long-term Brazilian customer, to supply material handling and mineral processing equipment for Vale's Moatize coal mine in the Tete Province of Mozambique.

FLSmidth Wins Contract to Provide Gold Processing Plant to Russian Customer

FLSmidth has won a contract worth approximately $35m (DKK 200m) from the Russian mining company JSC Pavlik for the supply of a gold processing plant with a capacity of 3 million tonnes per year of gold ore, to be located in the Tenkinsky district of Magadan in the far eastern part of Russia.

FLSmidth Wins $190m Maintenance Contract in Chile

FLSmidth has won a five-year contract worth approximately $190m (1,1bn DKK) from Minera Los Pelambres to supply maintenance services for their copper and molybdenum plant in central Chile.

FLSmidth Wins $63m Contract with Kazakhstani Copper Mine

FLSmidth has won a contract worth approximately $63m (approximately DKK 369m) from the Kazakhstani company, Kazakhmys PLC, to design a copper concentrator and supply all the process technology for a plant to be built at their Bozshakol copper mine in Kazakhstan, 220 km north of the capital Astana.

FLSmidth Announces Free Game App: FLSmidth’s Rocks!

FLSmidth has launched a new game app, FLSmidth's Rocks! Available for Apple and Android, the free game app challenges players to destroy rocks with a swipe of a finger while earning points. Gold awards the most points, and tramp metal is to be avoided. Daily prizes will be given to winners with the highest scores during MINExpo, 24-26 September, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

FLSmidth Acquisition of Australian Ludowici Now Closed

FLSmidth's Board of Directors and Group Executive Management are very pleased to report that FLSmidth's acquisition of the Australian engineering and equipment supply company Ludowici Limited was completed today, 3 July 2012.

Vale Awards FLSmidth Material Handling Contract

FLSmidth has been awarded a contract worth approximately $65m (DKK 370m) from the long-term customer Vale for the supply of material handling equipment to the Port of Nacala in Mozambique.

FLSmidth Names New Executive Vice President

For the first time in 130 years, FLSmidth, a Denmark based, market-leading supplier of equipment and services to the global minerals and cement industries, has promoted a non-Dane to its executive leadership team.

FLSmidth Wins Multi-Million Dollar Material Handling Project in Indonesia

FLSmidth has today signed a contract in Jakarta worth in excess of $135m (DKK 700m) with PT Adaro Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Adaro Energy Tbk., to supply material handling equipment to its coal mine in the Tanjung district of South Kalimantan, some 1000km from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

FLSmidth to Supply Equipment for Copper Mine in Zambia

FLSmidth has received a contract worth approximately $50m (approximately DKK 260m) from Kalumbila Minerals Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals for the supply of equipment to their extensive copper development, Sentinel Project, situated in northern Zambia.

Material Handling Order Awarded to FLSmidth in Kuwait

FLSmidth has received an order worth approximately €34m (DKK 250m) from Kuwait Cement Company for the supply of in-plant material handling equipment for the second production line at their cement plant located at Shuaiba Port in Kuwait.

FLSmidth Gains Middle Eastern Copper Order

FLSmidth has been awarded a contract worth €49.5m (approximately DKK368m) from a company in the Middle East for engineering services and equipment for the expansion of a copper mine. The scope of the supply for the seven million tonnes per year capacity copper concentrator incl

FLSmidth Gains Large Chilean Copper Order

FLSmidth has signed a contract worth in excess of $75m (DKK440m) with Minera Lumina Copper Chile for the supply of design, engineering, and process equipment for their Caserones copper and molybdenum plant in central Chile. Minera Lumina Copper Chile is jointly owned by Nippon Mining & Me

FLSmidth Gains Contract for Canadian Gold Plant Equipment

FLSmidth has received an order worth $49m (DKK275m) from Detour Gold Corporation for the supply of equipment for its Detour Lake gold plant in north-eastern Ontario, Canada. The open pit plant will have a capacity of 55,000t/day. The scope of the supply includes two SAG mills, two ball mill

Egyptian Operation and Maintenance Contract Awarded to FLSmidth

FLSmidth has been awarded a contract from Egyptian-owned Wadi El Nile Cement Company for operation and maintenance of their 5,000t/day cement plant, being constructed approximately 120km south of the Egyptian capital Cairo. The equipment for the cement plant's production line was designed and

FLSmidth to Work for New Phosphate Rock Terminal in Jordan

Flsmidth has been awarded a contract worth approximately €70m (DKK520m) from Afcons infrastructure, India, which has signed a contract worth approximately $200m with Jordan phosphate mines, Jordan, for a new phosphate rock terminal. The terminal will be located approximately 25km south o

FLSmidth Awarded Contracts for Vale Inco Project in Canada

FLSmidth has been awarded contracts from Vale Inco for the supply of comminution and sedimentation equipment for the processing plant project in Long Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada. The scope of supply includes two FLSmidth ball mills (one concentrate, and one limestone grinding system

FLSmidth Acquires Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering

FLSmidth has acquired the assets of Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering, located in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, effective 16 December 2009. Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering (SVEE) designs and fabricates modular plants and equipment used for the extraction of gold and si

FLSmidth Receives Copper Order in Peru

FLSmidth has signed a contract with Chinese-owned Minera Chinalco Peru for equipment for its Toromocho copper mine in the Morococha mining district, about 140km east of Lima, the capital of Peru. The contract value is expected to be worth in excess of US$30 million (DKK 150 million). FLS

FLSmidth Wins Material-Handling Contract in Vietnam

FLSmidth has signed a contract worth approximately $40 million (approximately DKK 200 million) with state-owned LILIAMA Vietnam Machinery Installation for the supply of a coal-handling facility, including ship unloading and storage facilities with a capacity of 400,000t, for a coal-fired power pl

FLSmidth Awarded €35 Million Coal Handling Project

FLSmidth has won a contract worth approximately €35 million (DKK 260 million) from Coastal Gujarat Power for the supply and construction of a coal handling system for the company's Ultra Mega Power Plant project in the state of Gujarat, India. Coastal Gujarat Power is a wholly owned subsidia

Utkal Alumina Awards $41m Contracts to FLSmidth

FLSmidth Minerals has received $41m (DKK220m) of orders from Indian company Utkal Alumina International Limited for a bauxite grinding and a mud washing plant. Design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning are included in the contracts. This order for bauxite mills confirm

FLSmidth Wins Alumina Project in India

FLSmidth Minerals has received orders worth $41m (DKK220m) from India-based Utkal Alumina International Limited for a bauxite grinding and a mud washing plant. The contracts include design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning. This order for bauxite mills confirms FLSmid

FLSmidth Signs Material-Handling Contract in Germany

FLSmidth Minerals has signed a contract worth close to €40m (DKK300m) with German-based Hoesch Spundwand und Profil (HSP). The equipment to be supplied is part of HSP's modernisation of its Dortmund sectional steel production plant. Material-handling equipment is a rapidly growing

FLSmidth Acquires Conveyor Engineering, USA

FLSmidth and the shareholders of Conveyor Engineering have entered into a stock purchase agreement, which is effective from 1 March 2009. Conveyor Engineering specialises in the design and supply of major bulk material handling systems for cement, mining and heavy industrial facilities

FLSmidth Receives Orders for Pneumapress® Equipment in the Starch Industry

FLSmidth's pneumapress filter division was recently awarded contracts by two new customers in the starch industry. Both contracts involve the supply of large, multi-module, sanitary-grade filters for starch processing facilities in the USA. These filters will be used to dewater native

FLSmidth Receives Minerals Order in Mexico

FLSmidth Minerals has been awarded a contract to supply complete equipment systems and technical expertise to Baja Mining and its majority-owned Mexican subsidiary, Minera y Metalurgica del Boleo (MMB), for their Boleo copper mine in Mexico. The contract is worth approximately $36 million (USD) a

FLSmidth Minerals Filter Press Demand Increases

FLSmidth Minerals, a global company providing engineered processing equipment and services, is enjoying great successes around the world with their Shriver® filter press line. In the last month, they have received orders totaling over $6.3 million in Asia, North and South America for a total

Large Material Handling Order to FLSmidth in Russia

FLSmidth MVT has signed an order worth just under EUR 47 million (DKK 350m) for a complete material handling equipment package for a new 5,500t per day cement production line. The equipment will be supplied to a cement plant in Russia, to which FLSmidth is also supplying main machinery. <

FLSmidth Acquires Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories

FLSmidth announced today the acquisition of Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories based in Salt Lake City, USA. This acquisition continues to leverage the "One Source, One Partner" brand position that FLSmidth Minerals has embraced by expanding the group's global process technology base and providing

FLSmidth Wins Ground-Breaking Order for Complete Minerals Plant

FLSmidth has received a contract worth over AUD 170m (approximately DKK 785m) with Aurox Resources Limited (Aurox) to supply a complete minerals processing plant and related port facilities for the treatment of magnetite iron ore. The plant will be located in the West Pilbara region of Western Au

Goldcorp Awards Over US$65 Million in Contracts to FLSmidth Minerals

FLSmidth Minerals has signed multiple contracts totaling approximately US$65 million with Vancouver, Canada based Goldcorp to supply crushing and grinding equipment, flotation cells, and hydrocyclones for the production of silver-gold-zinc at their Penasquito Operation in Zacatecas, Mexico.

FLSmidth Minerals to Supply High-Density Thickeners for Tati Nickel

FLSmidth Minerals recently signed a contract with the Botswana Metal Refinery for the supply of Dorr-Oliver Eimco high-density thickeners for Tati Nickel's Activox® project in Botswana, Africa. This order is the largest order received to date by FLSmidth Minerals’ South African office and is

GL&V Acquires Krebs International

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (December 7, 2006) - GROUPE LAPERRIERE & VERREAULT (GL&V) closed a definitive agreement on December 4, acquiring all the share capital of KREBS INTERNATIONAL INC. (KREBS ENGINEERS) based in Tucson, Arizona, its engineering offices, and its six subsidiary companies

Record Quarter for DOE Flotation Group

SALT LAKE CITY, USA, 11 October, 2006 - Dorr-Oliver Eimco, the Process Group of the Canadian-based company Groupe Laperrière & Verreault Inc., announced it has been awarded contracts for over $50 million (CAD) in flotation projects during the last quarter. The projects include five m

Filter Presses Supplied to Mongolia

SALT LAKE CITY, USA (July 17, 2006) - Dorr-Oliver Eimco, the Process Group of the Canadian-based company Groupe Laperrière & Verreault Inc., was recently awarded a contract from Capitol Equipment and Technology Corporation (CETCO) to supply filtration equipment for JV Mining Corporat

Dorr-Oliver Eimco Combines Flotation Cell Technology for Brazil

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (December 9, 2005) - GL&V Brasil Ltda, a subsidiary of the Canadian-based company Groupe Laperrière & Verreault Inc., recently announced that its Dorr-Oliver Eimco division received a major order for the supply ten (10) 160 cubic meter cells and six (6) 21.5 cub

DOE Announces New Contracts Totalling More Than $23 Million

Dorr-Oliver Eimco was recently awarded new contracts in excess of $23 million for ore processing equipment in the Pacific region and Chile. Dorr-Oliver Eimco has been awarded a contract of over $11 million to design, manufacture and install Dorr-Oliver Eimco® thicken

World’s Largest Flotation Cell

Dorr-Oliver Eimco Chile S.A., a subsidiary of the Canadian-based company Groupe Laperrière & Verreault Inc. announced that they have received a major order for the supply of ten (10) Wemco® 257 cubic meter SmartCell® flotation machines to Minera Los Pelambres in Chile. Minera

AFP IV Automated Filter Press Global Sales on the Move

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (July 8, 2004) – Dorr-Oliver Eimco has received significant orders totaling US$6.5 million for advanced mineral filter press technology. Orders include: Three AFP M1500x108 chamber units to Taiyuan Iron in Shanxi province China to

Dorr-Oliver Eimco Wins Flotation Project in Nevada

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (May 19, 2004) – Dorr-Oliver Eimco, a subsidiary of the Canadian based company Groupe Laperrière & Verreault (GLV.A; GLV.B/ TSX), was recently awarded a contract to supply flotation equipment to Newmont Mining Corporation for their Carlin Mill 5 Flotation Project

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