Meridian Mining Services Open-Cut Mining Services and Deformation Monitoring Systems

Meridian Mining Services provides a range of professional services to the open cut mining industry. We offer mining and civil project surveying, mine engineering, site supervision and project management and sales, installation, management, support, and rental for the deformation monitoring system.

Based in Queensland, Meridian Mining Services has the flexibility to provide services across Australia as well as internationally.

Open cut coal and metalliferous mining services

Meridian Mining Services covers all aspects of open cut coal and metalliferous mining activities and provides comprehensive mine technical services to smaller mining operations. Our offering includes project management, surveying, engineering and specialist information technology services.

Drill and blast mining services

Drill and blast mining services can be provided through a close working arrangement with Straitline Drill & Blast, including:

  • Complete mine drill and blast service
  • On-bench blasting service
  • Shot firing
  • Drill and blast design
  • Drill and blast optimisation
  • Reverse circulation (RC) grade control
  • Contract drilling

Mining contract personnel

Meridian Mining Services can supply individual contract personnel to sites for negotiated periods of time as required. We are fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability for up to $20 million.

Mining project management

Meridian Mining Services has a proven track record of project management. We can offer project managers and technical services superintendents for open-cut mining operations, as well as system design, project managers and site supervision for the integration of real-time pit wall deformation monitoring systems and environmental weather sensors.

Open-cut mine surveying services

Meridian Mining Services provides a wide range of open-cut mine surveying services, including the following:

  • Site survey personnel coverage
  • Pit survey control
  • Open pit modelling, blast design, and surveying modules – utilising Vulcan software
  • Technical support for pit wall deformation monitoring system; site-specific systems and procedures; end of month volume calculations, reconciliation, and reporting

Open-cut mine engineering services

Meridian Mining Services offers a range of engineering services for open-cut mines, including drill and blast design and optimisation, product scheduling, and systems audits.

Open-cut coal and metalliferous mining products

Meridian Mining Services can provide products that assist with various aspects of open cut coal and metalliferous mining activities.

Deformation monitoring systems

Deformation monitoring is critical for the safe operation of any open cut mining operation where the risk of injury or death to personnel or financial loss is very real.

Deformation monitoring systems, such as Leica GeoMoS, offer geotechnical engineers and surveyors the opportunity to evaluate the long-term trends in measurements of excavations, tunnels, and surface structures that may become unstable due to compromised structural integrity of the surrounding strata or external effects such as excessive vibrations.

Open-cut mine deformation monitoring systems

Meridian Mining Services installs and maintains deformation monitoring systems in open-cut mines. We have developed our own integrated remote power supply and radio communications modules, and can customise these to suit our clients’ individual requirements.

Real-time measurement of structures, excavations, or tunnelling can be achieved using a communication network to transfer data back and forth between the controlling computer and the measurement sensors. The received sensor data is then stored in a secure database and presented in a graphical format within the analysis software.

Environmental monitoring systems

Environmental monitoring ensures compliance of mining operations with various government environmental agencies. Robust sensors, communications systems, and remote power supplies are needed in order to provide reliable transfer of data from various sensors to a controlling computer for automated recording, visualisation, reporting, or alerts in cases when there are potential lightning hazards.

Remote weather stations

Meridian Mining Services installs and maintains remote, professional-grade weather stations. We have developed our own integrated remote power supply and radio communications modules, which can be customised. Weather station data communication can also be integrated into an existing deformation monitoring system radio communication network in order to consolidate infrastructure and save costs, or integrated with another existing communication network.

Lightning detection units

Lightning detection units, a critical safety tool, help to manage and minimise the risk of a lightning strike to exposed field personnel and damage to equipment. In a case where there are explosive charges set in preparation for blasting, a lighting detector can provide an early warning system that would enable management to order the evacuation of a site until there is no possibility of an unscheduled detonation caused by a rogue lighting strike in the immediate area.

Meridian Mining Services installs and integrates lightning detection sensors, such as the Vaisala TSS928, EFM550 and associated software, into existing communication networks.

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