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Critical information is essential to improve productivity and reduce risk. GroundProbe provides precise information for risk management, making mining safer and more profitable. GroundProbe’s unique measurement systems provide slope stability monitoring and management as well as subsurface mapping for mining and infrastructure applications.

Slope Stability Radar (SSR™)

Slope Stability Radar is used to assess overall slope stability over an extended period and to critically monitor slopes that may become unsafe. The SSR allows geotechnical engineers to assess movement rates across multiple work areas of a mine from long ranges, with alarm capability to a central location. GroundProbe’s SSR improves safety and production through precise and continuous slope monitoring.

Open-pit mines seek to go deeper and steeper to improve profitability, but safety can be adversely affected by unexpected slope failures. GroundProbe’s SSR is world’s best practice for critical slope monitoring and is used by the largest global mining companies for improved operator safety and production.

There are more than 90 SSR units currently deployed worldwide. Slope Stability Radar is world’s best practice for critical slope monitoring.

Slope Stability Radar (SSR™) monitoring benefits

Benefits of the SSR include:

  • Improved operational safety
  • Improved production
  • Increased output in risk areas
  • Reduced production delays
  • Improved management of wet weather risk
  • Improved mine design and ground support
  • Increased pit life

In accordance with FCC’s RF safety exposure compliance, GroundProbe’s SSR and SSR-X are the only slope radar systems that allow users to install and deploy the system safely and to safely approach the system while operating.

Slope monitoring – Work Area Monitor (WAM™)

The latest addition to the expanding GroundProbe product range is the new WAM – The Work Area Monitor. It is the must have tool for any crew working under a slope. The WAM is an ultra portable solution built into a rugged 4WD. The WAM is built tough and can handle the roughest terrains and the most extreme mine environments.

Slope management – GroundProbe mine services

GroundProbe offers geotechnical based mine services including site assessments, data interpretations and adoption of best practices developed by the global SSR user community. GroundProbe mine services provides:

  • High level workshops to develop appropriate best practices for slope monitoring solutions for a given mine
  • Advice on slope hazard management
  • Review and back analysis of wall failure data captured by the SSR, including advice on appropriate alarming strategies
  • Auditing of pits incorporating short term SSR leases for input into pit slope hazard assessment and advice into ongoing geotechnical monitoring plans
  • Advanced training courses for mining staff aimed at supporting SSR alarm setting, risk management and response plans

Surface and subsurface mapping – GroundProbe geophysics

GroundProbe provides high-resolution surface and subsurface information to reduce risk and maximise profit for our clients in mining, infrastructure, and environmental sectors.

GroundProbe’s turnkey geophysical solutions reduce risk during tendering and project delivery, optimise engineering designs and assist in finding and defining resources.

Ultimately GroundProbe’s Geophysics services offer our customers improved productivity and savings from reduced drilling costs, optimized investigations and by reducing project timeframes. Our core capabilities include:

  • Improving the management of ore-definition, void detection, structural imaging including faults, and fractures, and optimization of drilling and blasting
  • Reducing exploration timeframes by improving spatial coverage of exploration areas, optimizing drilling programs, and verifying survey targets
  • Optimizing investigations of soil and rock strength, void detection, groundwater resource definition and contamination detection and monitoring
  • Improving management of seafloor and sub-seafloor areas by estimating dredging volumes and methods, analyzing foundation design, and delineating hazards
  • Improving train throughput by optimizing remediation works through the provision of knowledge about asset conditions, saving millions of dollars in maintenance programs

Revolutionary Safety Tool Released Globally

GroundProbe, a world leader in unique slope monitoring systems has released a new, easy-to-use, rugged and affordable tool to help keep mining crews safe. The Work Area Monitor (WAM&trade) alerts mining work crews when wall movement is detected on a slope above a work area in an open cut mine.

GroundProbe Sponsoring the Rock Slope Stability 2009 Symposium and Exhibition

GroundProbe is proud to announce that it is a sponsor of the Rock Slope Stability 2009 Symposium and Exhibition to be held in Santiago 9-11 November, at the Universidad de los Andes. This event will provide a forum for global rock slope experts from industry and academia to discuss best practice

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