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Luehr Filter Case Study: Tier 1 Mining Company


• Company: Tier 1 Mining Company
• Location: East Senegal, West Africa
• Flow rate: 18,000Am³/h and 23,000Am³/h
•Temperature: 43°C
• Industry: Mining – Gold


The mine is located in eastern Senegal, which is around 650km from the country’s coastal capital city of Dakar.

A mix of oxide, transitional and primary ore types are recovered by open cut methods and then processed in a conventional crush-grind-cyanide leach circuit.

Their existing processing facility was originally designed for a throughput of 2Mtpa and included room for possible future expansions. The facility was actually performing above this design capacity with tonnages reaching close to 2.4Mtpa.

The Tier 1 Mining Company decided to further expand to achieve the equivalent of 200,000oz of gold production per annum, which meant processing up to 4Mtpa of ore.


Luehr received the order from the project managers Lycopodium Mauritus in Queensland for the supply of fabric filters for the new Secondary Crusher and Screenhouse facilities.

The filters selected were from the Luhr DF range which utilise reverse pulse compressed air on-line cleaning of the filter bags.

The unique feature of this design is its flat horizontal filter bag arrangement, which allows extremely quick inspection of the clean air chamber. This facility obviates the need to use tools or lifting gear to access the filter bags.

Bag changing is conducted from the adjacent access platform and does not require maintenance personnel to enter the filter.


The units were delivered in open shipping containers due to their dimensions, arrived on schedule and by all accounts are performing well.

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