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Luehr Filter

Dust Collector Servicing and Predictive Maintenance Solutions for the Mining Industry

Luehr Filter manufactures products for the control of air pollution within the mining and chemicals sectors.

21-23 Aristoc Road,
Glen Waverley,
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Luehr Filter

Luehr Filter manufactures air pollution control products for the mining, mineral, and other heavy industries.

The company also offers several support services, replacement parts, and a comprehensive maintenance service.

Dust collection equipment maintenance within the mining sector

Luehr Filter supplies an extensive range of dust collection systems and maintenance services, ensuring that clients’ systems operate at peak capacity throughout the operating lifespan.

Although Luehr filter recommends a preventative maintenance programme be implemented, the company also offers emergency, after-hours repair services, so customers are able to minimise downtime.

Luehr Filter’s engineers are experts in the field, and can provide specialist advice on how clients can improve on their current system, ranging from small upgrades to a complete overhaul and redesign. The company also offers to train and support staff in their operations to ensure optimal system operations.

Vibration analysis services for mining machinery

Implementing vibration analysis services can save time and money by detecting faults in machinery at an early stage, eliminating the risk of future breakdowns.

The process used by Luehr Filter both evaluates the condition of existing equipment, as well as performs tests on new or refurbished machinery, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Faults detected through vibration analysis include misalignment, looseness, imbalance, bent or cracked shafts, flow-related resonance, motor electrical faults, bad belts, lack of lubrication, bearing defects, and resonance.

Correcting shaft misalignment using laser guidance

It can often be difficult to align machinery correctly, as misaligned drives and shafts in rotating equipment can cause excess vibration, leading to unnecessary damage and bearing failure. The company can also cause premature seal and coupling failures.

Luehr Filter offers a laser alignment services that allows clients to ensure safe operation of its machinery, and maximise the life of itsequipment.

In-situ dynamic balancing services

A variety of issues can cause rotor imbalance, such as deposit build-up, distortion, or corrosion.

Imbalance can be a costly and time-consuming problem, as machinery usually needs to be disassembled, transported and reassembled to resolve the problem. Luehr Filter offers in-situ dynamic balancing, which minimises downtime and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

By taking the appropriate readings and adding the necessary counterweights, Luehr Filter can dramatically reduce vibration levels, decrease machinery downtime, and improve system efficiency.

Luhr Supplies New Filter Plants for Rio Tinto Cape Lambert Expansion

As part of Rio Tinto's expansion project at Cape Lambert in the Pilbara WA, they appointed Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) to undertake the procurement and construction of a new Greenfield Iron Ore port facility, increasing the capacity of the port by 53 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) and allowing for a future additional 50Mtpa.

Luehr Filter Case Study: Tier 1 Mining Company

Luehr received the order from the project managers Lycopodium Mauritus in Queensland for the supply of fabric filters for the new Secondary Crusher and Screenhouse facilities.

Luehr Filter Australia Pty Ltd

21-23 Aristoc Road

Glen Waverley