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Environmental Consultancy Services for the Mining Industry

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QLD 4350 Australia

Landloch is a specialist land, soil, vegetation and water management consultancy company that collaborates with a wide range of industries, including mining, road, rail, pipeline, rural and urban construction.

Our services are offered both within Australia and internationally. We seek to use high-quality science to provide practical and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of industry challenges.

Landloch is skilled in soil science, environmental science, engineering and geomorphology, and has extensive experience in sectors such as mining, linear infrastructure, coal seam gas and civil construction.

Land use and rehabilitation planning capabilities

Landloch has unique and comprehensive skills in assessing, modifying and managing soils and land to provide a full range of ecosystem services to achieve rehabilitation objectives.

Applicable to landform, soils, vegetation and climates, these services include nutrient supply management, soil water for plant growth, soil structure amelioration, and erosion control.

We service mining coal seam gas, commercial and residential developments, as well as infrastructure projects such as roads, drainage diversions and power lines.

Erosion and sediment control solutions

Soil erosion is a common problem for the development, construction and mining industries as it can potentially reduce or remove vegetation, divert or concentrate water flows and expose unstable soils.

Landloch’s Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) qualified team can provide a full range of erosion control, sediment control, soil management, and revegetation services from the project concept phase to on-ground implementation and training.

Our specialist services include:

  • Erosion and sediment control plans and design
  • Site inspection and audits
  • Identification, treatment and management of dispersive soils
  • Training
  • Flocculation of sediment-laden waters
  • Expert witness services

Rehabilitated landform designs

Landloch designs erosionally stable constructed landforms and since 1996 has been delivering rehabilitated, site-specific landform designs that are customised to local climates and materials. These are integral to achieving mine closure, ensuring long-term stability and aesthetic outcomes.

We are experienced in measuring infiltration and erodibility characteristics of soil and waste materials, as well as critical sediment properties.

We also use computer models to predict plant growth, soil water balances and erosion, in addition to soil analyses to develop amendment recommendations.

Material characterisation services

A number of the soil, subsoil and waste materials exposed by industry have objectionable chemical and physical properties. Frequently, they are hostile to plant growth and can be highly erodible.

Landloch’s team of soil scientists assist clients with material characterisation by providing sampling strategies, analytical programmes and techniques, and assessments of plant growth and acid generation potential.

We provide recommendations on soil stripping, handling and redeployment, and management of stockpiled soil materials. We can also study the impact of other rehabilitation resources such as rock or tree debris on soil properties and vegetation growth.

We also use both our in-house laboratories and accredited external laboratories to ensure clients have high-quality, cost-effective characterisation data.

Soil and land surveys

Landloch has carried out soil and land surveys on many sites in Australia for the mining, coal seam gas, infrastructure, and residential and commercial development sectors.

We can undertake traditional soil and landscape surveys using soil pits and soil cores, and conduct land capability assessments where specific land uses are being considered. We also use digital data to significantly increase the value of the soil surveyed reduce surveying and future management costs.

Landloch incorporates radiometric information, and electromagnetic surveys to complete cost-effective broad-scale assessment of surface and sub-surface soils.

Erosion management and assessments

Landloch has been involved in the development of erosion management plans.

These reduce the risk of accelerated erosion occurring, assess existing eroded surfaces, and develop remediation plans that focus on both the resultant eroded material and the cause of the erosion.

Landloch has developed assessment tools that can be used to determine the cause of erosion, related risks, change in activity through time, and measures to minimise adverse impacts.

Mine closure planning

Landloch uses a risk management approach to mine closure planning and works with clients to develop site-specific closure and rehabilitation strategies.

We have prepared mine closure and rehabilitation management plans for numerous sites across Australia. Our extensive experience in landform design, rehabilitation, soil and materials management, vegetation along with an understanding of mine operations enables our team to work cohesively with clients to develop a comprehensive closure plan specific to mine conditions.

Landloch also has expertise in taking conceptual mine closure plans where there has been limited scientific validation of the concepts, and undertaking programmes of work to validate or modify the conceptual closure designs, and establish robust and detailed closure criteria. We are also skilled in the development of practical rehabilitation methodologies that can be implemented on-site.

About Landloch

Founded in Toowoomba, Australia, in 1996, Landloch provides erosion management solutions and designs a wide range of landform designs that can support diverse ecosystems.

We now have offices in Toowoomba, Perth and Newcastle, enabling us to respond rapidly to client needs as required. We have also broadened our services to meet not only client requirements but also support the ongoing development and continual improvement of land management practices.


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